Apex Legends: Major Bug Puts 5-Players in Trios Squad This Week

Apex Legends experienced a rather interesting glitch which saw Trios host 5-player squads.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends players were in for a rather pleasant surprise.

Since the day EA and Respawn decided to drop Apex Legends seemingly out of nowhere, without any prior announcements – the game has only gone from strength to strength. Respawn Entertainment pretty much nailed the execution when it comes to Apex Legends, and a lot of it is down to the precise nature of its game design.

Perhaps more so than any other battle royale game, Apex Legends gives players a ton of options and freedom when it comes to how they approach each match. On the flipside, that is also the recipe for unpredictability, giving rise to issues with balancing.

Yet, Apex Legends has been a relatively balanced affair – and a lot of it is down to the squad size in Trios and how different legend combinations can affect the squad’s chances of winning. Curiously, a bug that appeared this week allowed players to team up with more than 3 players – with squads having about 5 players, and 6 in some cases.

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Apex Legends devs don’t rule out more than 3 players per squad

5 teammates?! from apexlegends

While the bug was probably not as amusing to players that had to go up against a squad of 5 or even 6, it is still a pretty interesting idea. For one, 5 player-squads would definitely mean the number of players per server would have to be increased – and even lead to Respawn putting out even bigger maps.

While big doesn’t necessarily mean better – a core part of what makes a battle royale game so fun is the scale and size of the battles. The subreddit understandably went haywire – discussing the probability whether it could be a reality.

In a rather surprising turn of events, Respawn devs actually responded quite positively to this occurrence. Even going so far as to not rule out the possibility of more players in a squad in Apex Legends.

Currently, Apex Legends has 4 distinct game modes – Ranked (3-player squads), Duos (2-player squads), Trios (Standard 3-player squad), and Arenas (3v3 arena shooter). Perhaps adding another mode with more players than 3 could just help make the game even more appealing to the average gamer.

The devs made sure to let leads know about the feedback, but at the same time, also reminding players that this isn’t a guarantee of a 5-player squad mode.


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