Apex Legends Mobile Tips and Tricks: 8 Best Tips and Tricks To Help You Get Better in Apex Legends

Incorporating these habits into your game might help you get more wins in Apex Legends Mobile.


Apex Legends Mobile is one of the most polished, well-balanced and responsive shooters currently available on mobile, but it can be a bit hard to get up to speed when starting out. The game comes at you fast and furious and expects players to make crucial decisions in a matter of split seconds.

Despite the game’s apparent level of challenge and difficulty, the game makes it a point to make itself accessible, allowing players to find their footing and get better at the game. It certainly helps that the players will be matched into games with players of a similar level, but along with that, there are some key pointers that might help you bag more kills and hopefully, win some games.

Here, we take a look at some tips and tricks you can incorporate into your game in Apex Legends Mobile and be on your way to climbing up the Ranks.

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8 Tips and Tricks to Improve Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay

1. Aggression Gets Kills, Defense Wins Matches

Apex Legends Mobile

One of the things players absolutely adore about Apex Legends Mobile is how responsive the controls are on mobile and how rewarding it feels to be aggressive. The temptation to go, Rambo, chase after a kill, and take on a squad all by yourself will be appealing at first, but 8 times out of 10, you will only be leaving yourself and your squad vulnerable.

Chasing after kills is a sure-fire way of ensuring that you will not live long enough to see the end of a match. While it is a good idea to chase down the last remaining member of a squad, it is a much better tactic to wait for your teammates and gang up on enemies.

Additionally, it is much better to fall back and take cover behind doors or turn down hallways rather than continuing to fight on low health. As a rule of thumb, remember to always fall back and heal if you’re low on health rather than try and force a kill. It is much smarter to live and get another shot at downing your enemy rather than take a gamble in a firefight.

If that is not incentive enough, always remember that Kills don’t nearly reward as much XP as Wins and Survival Time. So the next time you find yourself chasing after kills, keep in mind that they aren’t worth nearly as much as simply staying alive.

2. Shield Batteries/Med Kits Over Shield Cells/Syringes in Fights

Apex Legends Mobile

In Apex Legends Mobile, there are two types of Heals available in the game – ones that will refill your health partially (Shield Cells/Syringes) and ones that will refill it completely (Shield Batteries/Med Kits). Immediate logic would dictate that it is much smarter to use small Heals like Shield Cells during firefights, but I’ve found that to not be very effective.

Shield Cells/Syringes take a shorter time to apply than their bigger counterparts but upon closer inspection, the time difference really isn’t that big. Shield Cells should only be used when out of firefights or when you’re trying to refill only one slot in your armour.

Batteries and Med Kits will allow you to get back into the fight much quicker and have a better chance at survival. If you find yourself in a vulnerable position, simply duck behind cover and move away from your position to apply Shield Batteries or Med Kits rather than Cells and Syringes.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Apex Legends Mobile Beta

The age-old adage is to figure out your playstyle and then pick a Legend you can use as your main. While that is certainly always effective, you might also be better off trying out different kinds of Legends and seeing if there’s another playstyle you’re better suited to.

It is easy to get used to a certain playstyle and hit a ceiling and the only way that can be solved is by trying out a different Legend. For the longest time, I played Bloodhound but after having little to no success with my squad, I tried playing Mirage and ended up getting more wins as a result.

It is important to not be married to a single way of playing as you can always switch up and discover new ways to tackle the same problem. Apex Legends Mobile provides players with a vast variety of Legends and their own progression trees in which they can level up. While the game does reward players for sticking to a Legend, it doesn’t hurt to branch out and level up other Legends as well.

It is always nice to experiment with Squad dynamics by switching up your play style. Chances are, your skills might be better suited as someone who rushes into the fight rather than hanging back and deploying defence for your squad, or vice versa.

4. Get to Higher Ground

Much like most other shooters, you will have much more success if you always find ways to get yourself to higher ground. This means that you should always try and get above your enemy, this means, climbing up metal crates, hills, buildings, and other such places of elevation.

This effectively makes you a smaller target as you can always duck behind cover by simply moving away from the edge. Apex Legends Mobile maps are littered with all sorts of opportunities for high ground and better yet, there are plenty of Legends capable of getting to higher ground at the press of a button.

Legends like Pathfinder, Octane, and Loba can easily find their way to higher ground by using their abilities. Pathfinder is one of the most mobile Legends in the game and if your game is centred around you getting a positional advantage to rain down fire on enemies, you should try playing Pathfinder more often.

Plus, other Legends are fairly agile as well and can easily make their way to higher ground. While shooting first is usually ideal, you might want to hold off on letting bullets fly until you have a good position to assert aerial dominance.

5. Attachment-Holder Weapons

Apex Legends Mobile

You cannot possibly be a crack shot with every single weapon in Apex Legends so it is usually a matter of picking your poison. This means you should try and experiment as often as possible but have a go-to loadout for every Battle Royale match. The chances of you getting that Loadout in every single match right out of the gate is very low, and that is where attachment-holders come into play.

Essentially, this means you hold onto certain weapons for a while in your Inventory until you find a much better weapon. For instance, a Mozambique isn’t exactly the best weapon in the game, but for a short while, it can hold a Level 3 Shotgun Bolt, which you can then use with an EVA-8 or Peacekeeper, which you might be great with.

Similarly, you can keep attachments such as Standard Stock, Optics, and other Barrel Stabilizers attached to weapons you might not like as much, and then swap them out for a gun you like more. This is a great way to not lose cool attachments when moving through the map in search of loot.

6. Tweak Settings and HUD

Apex Legends Mobile

One of the most common complaints levied against Apex Legends Mobile is the massively cluttered HUD which can get in the way of the game. While the advanced movement control of Apex Legends dictates the need for such an extensive HUD, it doesn’t do the player any favours in terms of easing them in.

The game does offer two distinct options for HUD but they aren’t exactly massively different from each other. It is a matter of preference and players can try out both the setups and figure out which one suits them better.

It is also a good idea to tweak settings and figure out which sensitivity values suit your playstyle. The touch controls can be a big departure for those coming off of controller/PC-Keyboard, but over time, they start to feel much better than they do at first.

The game offers enough control over your experience so that you can tweak values for different settings and find your footing in the game.

7. Light Weapons for Shields, Heavy Weapons for Health

Legends Mobile

Two of the most common weapon types found in Apex Legends Mobile are Heavy and Light weapons. As the name might suggest, one uses Heavy Ammo while the latter uses Light Ammo. The ammo types are distinct in the way they perform as Heavy ammo tends to do more damage, but fires much slower than Light Ammo and has a significant bullet drop.

Light Ammo, on the flip side, does less damage per round but fires much faster. The smarter player knows that when chasing an enemy, they are liable to waste time reloading and miss out on an easy kill. A good way to ensure you’re never caught off-guard is to have two weapons to do the job.

Light Ammo can be used to shred shields away quickly and if you run out of ammo, switch quickly to your Heavy weapon and finish off your opponent. You can switch this tactic up but shredding an enemy’s shield quickly with a Light weapon can be quite demoralizing and Heavy ammo tends to slow enemies down, which can be useful to impede enemy movement when chasing them.

8. Certain Legends Go Well With Certain Weapons

Apex Mobile

While this is not true for all Legends, some of them might be better suited to some weapons than others. For instance, Gibraltar is unusually deadly with a G7 Scout as it is important to always use the G7 when aiming down the sight, and when doing so, Gibraltar’s Passive gives him an extra boost of the shield.

This effectively makes the G7 Scout a perfect pairing for Gibraltar mains and there are several other pairings you can use. Octane pairs well with fast weapons such as Prowler, R-301, R-99, and Alternator. This is because Octane can rush in quickly, do some damage and get out before enemies have a chance to react to his onslaught.

Caustic goes well with Shotguns as his traps can slow players down and he can swoop in with a Shotgun to destroy enemies at close range. Even though Crypto is yet to make his appearance in the game, Apex Legends players know that the Legend goes exceptionally well with Sniper Rifles as it allows him to keep his distance and still deal damage and cover his squad from behind.