Apex Legends Mobile Wins Best Game of the Year for Both Android and iOS

Apex Legends Mobile has won the "best game of the year" award at both the Google Play and App Store awards.


It has been an amazing year for Respawns’ hit battle royale real-shooter game, Apex Legends Mobile as the game won the best game of the year at the Google Play Best of 2022 Awards. Apart from that, the title has been voted as the best game of the year by users against formidable mobile titles like Diablo Immortal and others

Additionally, Respawns‘ and EA’s hit BR game for Mobile, also won Apple’s iPhone Game Of The Year at the App Store Awards 2022. Moncage has won the Best Ipad game of the year, while Inscryption took home the best Mac game of the year at 2022’s App Store Awards.

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Apex Legends Mobile Won the Best Game of the Year at Google Play and App Store 2022 Awards

Apex Legends Respawn Season 15

Created by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends Mobile has released in May 2022. Following the ban on BGMI in July, the Indian community experienced a shift to other titles in which Apex Legends Mobile caught the massive attention among players. This was also confirmed by two of its senior executives in an interview with Fiiber.

As a result of the sudden surge, it became hard for the developers to manage such kind of rise, given the game is still in its early stages of release. However, the creators pulled it out to some extent and improved its servers to deal with the additional strain.

“We have servers in 3 cities in India. When BGMI was banned, we strengthened the servers and tried to understand what Indian gamers want. We saw an influx in gamers, and we hope that those gamers stick around,” Myke Hoff – Senior Director of Product at Respawn Entertainment and Kevin Childress – Creative Director of Respawn Entertainment, told Fiiber in an exclusive conversation.

The game developers aim to retain their players while welcoming in more by introducing more content over the upcoming year. The focus will also be on providing a mobile-first experience, say the executives. As of today, the game only has only a couple of mobile-exclusive legends namely, Fade and Rhapsody.

It remains to be seen whether the game can maintain its win streak in the coming future with other titles like Warzone Mobile, Rainbow Six Mobile and more settling up for release in 2023.

Google Play Best Games of 2022

Best Game Apex Legends Mobile
Best Game (User’s Choice) Apex Legends Mobile
Best Multiplayer: Dislyte
Best Pick Up & Play Angry Birds Journey
Best Indies Dicey Dungeons
Best Story (new category) Papers, Please
Best Ongoing (new category) Genshin Impact
Best on Play Pass (new category) Very Little Nightmares
Best for Tablets Tower Fantasy
Best for Chromebooks (new category) Roblox

App Store Best Games of 2022

Iphone Game of the Year Apex Legends Mobile
iPad Game of the Year Moncage
Mac Game of the Year Inscryption
Apple TV Game of the Year: El Hijo
Apple Arcade Game of the Year Wylde Flowers
China Game of the Year League of Legends Esports Manager

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