Apex Legends Private Matches to Go Live Soon, Requires 30 Players to Start

This could be a great addition for streamers, content creators, and enthusiasts.


  • Private Matches will be available later today in Apex Legends.
  • Joining matches requires a unique code.
  • Hosts will be able to customize certain aspects of the match.

Respawn Entertainment has just announced private matches will be live very soon in Apex Legends, allowing players a lot of customization options. Private matches will be available on all platforms, but a bug currently persists on the console that disabled chat abilities.

All maps will be available to pick from when setting up private matches. However, the studio has also confirmed that LTMs will not be present in private matches. A minimum of 30 players are required to start a Battle Royale, which seems like a pretty high number for a private match. However, for smaller matches, players can set up an Arenas match.

Private matches will allow players to set up and customize matches, getting to choose between normal Battle Royale settings or Tournament settings (used by the ALGS).

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Apex Legends Private Matches Could be a Good Addition to the Game

Customization Options available:

  • Tournament Settings:
    • No heat shield
    • No emoting while in air
    • No “Champion Squad”
    • Champion Squad removed from the banners
  • Admins can enable or disable anonymous mode:
    • Other players will not be able to see the names of opponents
    • Observers can still see player names
  • Admins can choose between “allow all” or “admin only” chat
    • Note: chat is currently not working for console players. This is a bug we’re looking into
  • Admins can change the data center
  • Admins can remove players from a lobby
  • Admins will have aim assist override: this forces PC values for aim assist across the board.

To start a private match, the player must be an admin. Players loading into the map will have a yellow spinner icon. The admin will need to wait until all spinners are gone before starting the match, so no players are left behind.

Players can “ready up” in the lobby, letting the admin know they are ready to play. To create a Private Match, select the “Private Match” tab, then select the “Create match” button in the menu. Press the “Reveal” Button in the upper right corner of the screen to reveal the “Join Code”.

One of the coolest features available in private matches is the “observer role”. The observers are spectators of a match and do not participate in the game but can watch any team and player throughout the duration of the game. Observers have access to certain features players do not have:

  • Outlines of teams (to see players through walls, etc)
  • Free cam for use of broadcasting
  • Scoreboards and overlays

This can be extremely useful for streamers and content creators to host and broadcast tournaments and have commentary through the “Observer” roles.