Apparently You Can’t Comment “GTA 6” on Rockstar’s YouTube Channel, So People Are Finding Hilarious Workarounds

Apparently, Rockstar doesn't want any more GTA 6 chatter.


GTA 6 is potentially years away, perhaps even a 2024-2025 release date seems likely. Yet, even that is entirely up for speculation as the game hasn’t even been confirmed as being in development by Rockstar yet, and players have begun to get a little agitated, to the point where for the first time in 20 years, Rockstars are facing backlash from an unexpected source – their own fans.

Since the early days of GTA, Rockstar has taken fire from a lot of communities, including various activist groups taking objection to the rampant violence and general nature of Grand Theft Auto. Yet, fans have always rallied to Rockstar’s support, but it seems like the decision to supposedly drag one’s feet when it comes to GTA 6 seems to have illicit a strong negative response from the fans.

To that end, the trailers for GTA V: Expanded and Enhanced Edition, both the new and old, have become two of the most disliked videos on the Rockstar Youtube channel. From the looks of it, Rockstar might be getting tired of all the “GTA 6” chatter, and as a response, the publisher seems to have banned the phrase from their comment section, but the fans are both resilient and resourceful.

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Comment “GTA 6” on Rockstar’s Youtube channel and it might just get removed

While it is purely speculation at this point, it might not be that much of a stretch to assume that Rockstar could be implying such moderation on their channel. It is understandable that the publisher would want the discourse around their games to be slightly more positive, but moderating and censoring to this extent does not make for great optics.

Fans, being resilient bunch that they are, have resorted to mathematical equations to get their point across. From simple subtractions, additions, to whatever SavagePanda845’s comment is:

“We want GTA 5+1, GTA 4+2, GTA 3+3, GTA Xis, GTA Auz, GTA Doc, Car Theft Simulator 6, Steal Cars 6, Smash Car Window and Hotwire Car 6, etc.”

The comment section is filled with such gems such as “we want Grande Ladrón de Autos 6”. Which is, while not exactly ideal for Rockstar, a hilarious for fans to express their lack of excitement around Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced Edition for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

So why is Grand Theft Auto 6 taking so long?

GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced Edition

Simply put, only Rockstar knows the answer to that question, and it is well within their rights to make sure that the game comes out exactly the want to, in a polished state. If that means taking one’s time with it and ensuring every bit of the game receives its due care and attention, then ultimately, that is the best case scenario for the fans as well.

Speculation suggests a 2023 release could be likely, but seeing as there has been no word from Rockstar, it remains but speculation. Recent releases seems to have strengthened the notion that a rushed game benefits absolutely nobody, which is why, although it might be a tad bit frustrating, it will ultimately be a good move for Rockstar to make sure GTA 6 is every bit as polished as fans desire.