Apple AirPods Still Working After Man Swallows it, But You Probably Shouldn’t Try This Anyway

The Apple AirPods was tracked down after an x-ray of the person’s food tract revealed that it was lodged inside.


In yet another round of bizarre incidents related to technology, a single unit of the Apple AirPods has apparently survived a trip through a person’s food tract, after the latter reportedly swallowed it in his sleep. UK resident Bradford Gauthier was seemingly snoozing one day, while watching a movie. As he went to sleep with his AirPods still on his ears, little would he have imagined that one of the earbuds would suddenly go missing from the pair by the time he woke up the next day. After failing to find them even through the most drastic of searchers, Gauthier consulted a physician, and the AirPod was located inside his oesophagus. Miraculously, both Gauthier and his beloved AirPods survived in working condition.

The incident could have easily turned fatal. For one, the AirPod could have gotten lodged in such a bad way that it could have blocked the person’s airway, therefore choking him to death. It could also have ended up in his stomach, where the interaction of the acid-base battery inside the AirPod with the natural digestive juices could have created a fatal situation for themas to deal with. Weirdly, there are even stories of a person surviving after his AirPods were recovered from within his stomach, too.

Interestingly, the man has clarified that despite the ordeal and the fairly unusual journey that the earbud went through, it possibly isn’t an everyday affair for someone to swallow an AirPod and then find it inside. In fact, it is an experience that we would highly recommend against, and the general consensus would be on ensuring that small objects such as the AirPods are well stowed away before going to sleep – should it fall in the wrong hands (adults included).

It is also impressive to note that the AirPod still appears to be working – Gauthier stated to The Guardian that only the mic appears to be slightly weaker than before, but everything is working just as they always did. Hopefully, this would not be a case that repeats itself any time in the near future.