Apple Hikes Prices of AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, and 3rd Gen AirPods in India


Apple has silently hiked the prices of four new Apple audio products in India today. The company has increased the price of three popular AirPods and also it has hiked the price of its most premium headphones, the AirPods Max. The 3rd gen AirPods from Apple now costs Rs 2,000 more and the third-gen AirPods Pro costs Rs 1,400 more lastly, the price of the Apple AirPods Max has been raised by a whopping Rs 7,100 in India.

While the exact reason for the price hike is yet to be revealed, one of the reasons could be because of the hike in import duties of headphones and earphones, which was announced in the Union budget a few weeks back. As per the new budget for this financial year (2022-23), customs duties on headphones are earphones have been moved to 20% from 15%.  And, because of this, the prices of these earphones are headphones have been hiked in India. Apart from the headphones, customs duties on speakers also went up.

This new pricing of the Apple AirPods was spotted by Tipster Abhishek Yadav first and as of now, it looks like the changes are being reflected only on the Apple website. Let’s take a look at the new pricing of the AirPods Max, 3rd Gen AirPods Pro, and 3rd Gen AirPods in detail.

AirPods Max, AirPods Pro, and 3rd Gen AirPods Price in India Hiked

The Apple AirPods Max, the company’s most premium headphones, was launched for Rs 59,900 and will now cost Rs 66,100. The third-gen AirPods Pro which was priced at Rs 24,900 is now priced at Rs 26,300, the third-gen AirPods will now cost Rs 20,500, which is a Rs 2,000 hike from the previous price of Rs 18,500 and lastly, the 2nd gen AirPods is now listed at Rs 14,100 as opposed to the old price of Rs 12,900.AirPods Max

As said earlier, these changes are currently being reflected on Apple’s website only and e-commerce partners like Amazon and Flipkart have listed the previous pricing for others at the time of writing this article. On Apple’s website, it is also clearly mentioned that these new prices are MPR, which means the selling price on third party sites and stores could be slightly cheaper.

For those who are unaware, the AirPods Max are headphones while the other three are true wireless earphones. Here is the price comparison of the three new AirPods as of today.

Old Price New Price on Flipkart Amazon
AirPods Max Rs 59,900 Rs 66,100 Rs 59,900 Rs 59,900
AirPods Pro (3rd Gen) Rs 24,900 Rs 26,300 Rs 21,900 Rs 20,490
AirPods (3rd Gen) Rs 18,500 Rs 20,500 Rs 17,990 Rs 17,990
AirPods (2nd Gen) Rs 12,900 Rs 14,100 Rs 12,000 Rs 12,000


It will be interesting to see if the pricing on Amazon and Flipkart goes up in the next few days.