Apple Gaming Controller Could be in Works, Suggests Patent

The Apple gaming controller has three different concepts, including a folding pad with a touch panel for notifications.


An Apple gaming controller could well become the next accessory to be introduced by the company. According to a patent filing, Apple has filed to reserve design concepts of three different mobile gaming controllers. These could work with either the iPhone or the iPad, and including two familiar designs – as well as a somewhat unique one. The new patents suggest that Apple has been taking cognisance of the increasing value of mobile gaming in today’s world, and there could well be ample value in making their own gaming devices.

Apple Gaming Controller: The Three Designs

According to the patent, the Apple gaming controller could be offered in three designs. The first of the designs showcase a design that is almost exactly the same as Microsoft’s Xbox controller – including the thumb and control button placements. Apple already supports the Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation controllers with its devices, so we’re not entirely sure if Apple would have enough value to add through a very similar controller of its own. Xbox and PlayStation controllers are also very popular already and can offer cross-platform gaming, which scores more points for them.

The second patented design looks similar to the JoyCons of the Nintendo Switch gaming console. The latter included a snap-on design that saw two modular controller units being snapped on to either end of either the console itself, or a base for the controller, to be used as controls for games.

Asus has offered a similar controller with its ROG Phone portfolio, called the Kunai GamePad. However, the latter requires an external frame to be put on the device for the controller units to be snapped on, thereby making the entire setup rather bulky. Given how Apple likes to closely monitor its device designs and keep things minimal, it would be awkward to see Apple not opt for a more refined design for the controllers in question – if they were to be launched.

The third design involves a folding pad akin to iPad’s flip cover. This cover flips out to present a controller interface, with a touch panel in between. With a four-way button on one side and control buttons on the other, the touch panel would work to deliver notifications when you are gaming, thereby keeping the main display free from any distraction.