Apple iPad and MacBooks Will Move to OLED Displays Made By Samsung and LG In 2022: Report

The company is said to release iPad Pro model with mini-LED tech later this year.


OLED displays made their debut on iPhone in 2017 with iPhone X. For the first time in 2020, the Cupertino tech giant used OLED panels across the smartphone lineup with iPhone 12 series. Though, the company might have gone in favor of OLED instead of LCD for iPhones. Its entire range of tables (iPad lineup), and laptops (MacBook lineup) still use LCD displays only. There have been rumors that the company might adapt mini-LED tech for future displays iPad Pro models. Now, a new report by Digitimes suggests that we could see iPads and MacBooks with OLED display in 2022.

To those unaware, OLED displays are considered better compared to LCDs. OLED displays offer better-viewing angles, higher brightness, deeper blacks, and consume less power. One of the reasons that the company might not have gone with OLED displays for these devices is that large-size OLED displays are expensive compared to LCD counterparts. Previously, an analyst from Barclays had earlier claimed that the Cupertino tech giant might offer iPads with OLED displays in 2022. The new report by Digitimes is in line with the analyst’s prediction. There are rumors that these OLED displays for the iPads and MacBooks are being manufactured by Samsung and LG.

Previously, famous analysts, Kuo had predicted that the company will use Mini-LED for the upcoming iPad Pro. The Mini-LED technology-based iPad Pro model might be released in Q1 2021. The company might also launch Mini-LED MacBook models later this year. To those unaware, Mini-LED backlit displays also offer higher brightness and deeper blacks. So there is a possibility that Apple might both OLED and Mini-LED display technologies across iPad and MacBook lineups. What do you think about OLED displays making their way to bigger screens? Do you know which was the first-ever Apple product with an OLED display? Do let us know in the comments below.

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