Apple iPhone XR is the Best Single-lens Camera Smartphone According to DxOMark Score

DxOMark has reviewed the new iPhone XR and given it a pretty impressive score to make it the best single-rear camera smartphone.


The iPhone XR is the latest smartphone from Apple to feature a single-rear camera setup. Apple released three new iPhone variants this year, with the iPhone XR being the cheapest of the lot. The phone comes with an LCD display instead of an OLED panel. The bezels are thicker when compared to the iPhone XS and XS Max, but all three share the same hardware.

However, the iPhone XR only has a single camera at the back, unlike the dual-camera setup on the other two iPhones. Nevertheless, this single camera is very good and has just received the highest score on DxOMark.

Apple iPhone XR DxOMark Score

Apple released the iPhone XR to the publicĀ last month. According to us, this is the most sensible iPhone that Apple has released this year. You can check out ourĀ iPhone XR Review to see how we came to that conclusion. Now, let’s talk about DxOMark and what the score means. DxOMark is a website that performs various scientific tests to provide ratings for mobile phones. It mainly tests DSLR cameras and lenses, but it also reviews phones and provides ratings. To have a smartphone in the top 10 camera phones on the DxOMark list, is pretty cool.

The website recently reviewed the new iPhone XR and gave it a very impressive score of 101. This is the best score ever for a smartphone with a single rear camera. It even beats the Pixel 2, which also uses a single camera. The scoring isn’t out of 100, so don’t get too excited. Also, this isn’t the highest scoring smartphone in the list. In fact, the top scoring smartphone isn’t even an iPhone. The Huawei P20 Pro still retains the top spot on the list, which is quite a big deal. The more expensive iPhone XS Max gets the second spot with a score of 105.

The iPhone XR, in our review, did very well in the camera department. It takes amazing shots in daylight and does very well in low-light as well. Apple has also included the Portrait mode on the phone. You can adjust the blur as well, which is quite useful. Also, since the iPhone XR uses the wide 12MP sensor for portrait shots, it can capture more of the surrounding than the iPhone XS (Review) and XS Max. However, the bokeh effect isn’t as realistic as on the more expensive iPhones.

iPhone XR vs Pixel 3

The main rival for the iPhone XR, is the Pixel 3. They both cost around the same and feature a single rear camera. In the DxOMark review, the iPhone is compared to other iPhones and the Pixel 2. This is because the website hasn’t reviewed the latest smartphone from Google. Up until the iPhone XR, the Google Pixel 2 was the highest rated single camera smartphone on the website. That should change once the new Pixel 3 gets a review and a score.

Google’s latest Pixel 3 also has a single 12.2MP rear camera and uses software to provide amazing photos. It is possibly the best single rear camera smartphone on the planet right now. Although the iPhone XR and Pixel 3 shoot similar photos in daylight, the latter shines in low-light. However, the iPhone XR is a better phone if you are into shooting videos. Both have their advantages, but if you’re after DxOMark scores, then you will have to wait to see where the Pixel 3 stands.