Apple Likely to Launch 16-inch Macbook Pro at a Private Press Conference this Week: Report


A little while ago, Apple launched the iPhone 11 series as well as the latest Apple Watch series 5. What it did not launch was the highly anticipated 16-inch Macbook Pro. The rumors surrounding the possible launch of the same have been popping out on the internet for the past so many months and the fans of the Macbook series did not get to see its upcoming iteration during the launch event. Luckily enough, that wouldn’t stay to be the case forever. As it turns out, Apple could very well unveil the 16-inch Macbook Pro at a private press conference this week itself.

Apple could be launching the 16-inch Macbook Pro somewhere this week

People who have been waiting for the latest Macbook Pro for long might have something to cheer for this week. The device has been tipped to already be in production and if the latest report by 9To5Mac has to be believed, Apple has held an internal meeting wherein it has invited certain members of the press to showcase the device. Apple has a dedicated location in New York City wherein it holds private meetings and briefings with the members of the press in order to give presentations and give them some hands-on time with their upcoming products. This week appears to have had one of those occasions.

Contrary to the earlier 15-inch displays, the new 16-inch form factor could necessarily mean that we might be getting a design overhaul with the likes of the upcoming Macbook Pro, but it is now being tipped that the company is just planning on refining the current design. Nevertheless, we will get slimmer bezels and the overall chassis will be refined, giving it a fresh look. The keyboard will also get a design overhaul.

Furthermore, the rumors suggest that the Touch ID button will now be separate from the main strip which was not the case with the earlier versions. Moreover, Apple will finally bring back a dedicated ESC key which would finally eliminate the much-dreaded software-based key in the current touch bar design. This was one of the things that the company was asked to change by a plethora of users. In addition to this, Apple will ditch the butterfly keyboard mechanism and will rely on the more traditional scissor-switch mechanism that is far more reliable in comparison.

A soft launch for the 16-inch Macbook Pro makes way more sense than a traditional media event as the upcoming device is not going to prove much of a game-changer at least on the design front.

As of now, there is not much known about the device, but we are definitely going to hear more news about the same as the launch date does not look like it is too far from now. Let’s see what the company has in store for us this time around.

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