Apple March 2022 Event May See Company’s Latest M2 Chip and We Are Excited

The Apple March 2022 event could bring the next PC chip from the company, and if history tells us anything, this could be big.

Apple M2 Pro

The date for the Apple March 2022 event has been announced, and the big day is set for March 8. We have been expecting an announcement from Apple for a while now, and with the confirmation coming in, speculations are now rife in terms of everything that the company may launch in the coming days. Now, while the main lenses of speculation are likely on the upcoming ‘affordable’ iPhone and a new, super-slim iPad, we are largely even more excited for something else altogether – the Apple M2 SoC.

What excites us particularly is that in the second generation, the Apple M2, set to be announced at the Apple March 2022 event on March 8, is expected to not be an outright performance monster. Instead, it is expected to offer measured performance to a balanced category. As a result, it is also expected to power one of Apple’s most popular laptop lines in its history – the MacBook Air range. The latter would no longer remain a pushover and is expected to be in line with Apple’s latest offerings.

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The Apple M2 SoC: what to expect

While there isn’t a lot of concrete details out in the market, the rumour mill suggests that the Apple M2 SoC will be a direct successor to the original Apple M1. Apple has since branched out with its own laptop processor range, offering an M1 Pro and an M1 Max. The latter two are completely different lineups of processors on their own, and will be used to power the most powerful Macs that Apple has on offer. The M2, instead, will power Apple’s entry-level Macs.

But that is not to say that it will not be powerful. The chip is expected to be upgraded from the M1 SoC’s 5nm process to TSMC’s latest 4nm process. This should directly translate to even greater efficiency of performance, since it would consume even lesser power to deliver the same performance as the M1. However, most rumours suggest that the M2 will not just focus on efficiency.

As a result, the Apple M2 SoC will likely offer key performance upgrades over the M1, ensuring that future laptops based on this processor could last even longer in terms of overall longevity. Rumours suggest that the M2 could retain the same, 8-core layout of the M1, but would offer upgraded cumulative performance. It is also likely to get a better GPU, therefore giving more power to the M2 to take on more graphic-intensive tasks. Reports suggest that it could get a new 9-core and 10-core GPU options – up from the 7-core and 8-core GPU choices that the Apple M1 already offered.

Which devices could it feature on?

As per rumours and speculations, the Apple M2 SoC will be first featured on the upcoming Apple MacBook Air. This would be a key factor, as the MacBook Air is often the most affordable entry point for any user into Apple’s laptop usage experience. The Air also plays on a balance of portability and efficiency, and has always been known to offer a lightweight design and good battery life. With the M2, these factors could be played up even further.

For instance, the M2’s extended efficiency could further lead to the processor offering even better battery life – without Apple needing to expand the laptop’s battery size. This would allow it to offer better battery life without making the chassis thicker. Furthermore, the better GPU would lead to better native graphical performance, which would be crucial to the Air taking on slightly more graphic-intensive tasks.

What about other Macs?

If this is the naming scheme that Apple adopts, then the Apple March 2022 event will essentially lay the foundation for the rest of the year in terms of the chipsets that it could launch. For instance, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops are powered by the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors – both of which are expected to still remain more powerful than the upcoming Apple M2.

Hence, going forward, Apple could further launch M2 Pro and M2 Max SoC, which would power the future MacBooks. While there is no concrete word on such launch plans from Apple yet, we could see such machines towards the end of 2022.

Apple March 2022 event: what else could be launched?

The event is also expected to showcase the new generation iPhone SE, this time with 5G. What remains to be seen is if Apple finally manages to do away with the old generation design flanked with thick bezels, and goes for the more modern, full screen one. Users will be hoping to see this, alongside the new generation Apple iPad Air as well.

However, if the Apple M2 SoC is announced today, this could make for the key attraction of the event – as it would also bring along the latest generation MacBook Air, a laptop that has remained one of the best selling Apple products of all time.

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