Apple One, TV+, News+, Arcade Get a Price Hike in The US, The UK, and Other Markets

Apple has not yet increased the pricing of its subscription services in India.

  • Apple One, TV+, News+, and Arcade subscription services have received a price hike.
  • The company has raised the prices in the US, UK, and several European markets.
  • India is not on the list of markets where Apple subscription prices have been hiked.

Apple One, TV+, News+, and Arcade subscription services are now costlier in several markets around the world. The Cupertino tech giant has hiked the prices by up to $2 according to 9to5Mac. The publication has also cited an Apple spokesperson to explain the reason behind the surprise price hike. Notably, iCloud, Apple Music and Apple Fitness+ continue to be available at the current pricing. Let’s take a look at the new prices and the reason behind the price hike.

Apple One, TV+, News+, Arcade Prices Hiked: Is India on The List?

As mentioned, Apple has hiked the prices of its Apple One, TV+, News+, and Arcade subscription services in several markets including the US and UK. Fortunately for Indian users, the prices remain unchanged, for now. Apple might or might not increase the prices in India, we will get to know in the coming days. Below is the list of Apple subscription services and their new prices in the US.

Apple Service Old Price New Price
Apple One Individual $17 (~Rs 1,415) $20 (~Rs 1,665)
Apple One Family $23 (~Rs 1,915) $26 (~Rs 2,164)
Apple One Premier $33 (~Rs 2,747) $38 (~Rs 3,163)
Apple TV+ Monthly $7 (~Rs 580) $10 (~Rs 830)
Apple TV+ Annual $69 (~Rs 5,745) $99 (~Rs 8,240)
Apple News+ $5 (~Rs 415) $7 (~Rs 580)
Apple Arcade $10 (~Rs 830) $13 (~Rs 1,080)

Apple Cites Content Licensing For The Price Hike

The popular publication 9to5Mac quotes an Apple spokesperson to reveal the reason behind the price hike. According to the report, the decision to revise prices has been taken to offset the increase in licensing costs and its expansive content catalogue. The company explains that the licensing cost has been raised to benefit artists and songwriters.

According to 9to5Mac, the new pricing will be effective immediately for new users. Existing customers who are already on a plan will have to pay the revised price 30 days later, on their next subscription renewal day. Several streaming services including Netflix have recently hiked their prices, now late but lastly, Apple has joined the fold as well.

Notably, this is the first time that Apple has hiked the prices of its gaming subscription service Arcade and News+. Both these services were launched back in 2019. On the other hand, the Apple TV+ has received its second price bump in two years. The streaming service was launched at $5 in 2019, which then bumped to $7 in October 2022, and is now priced at $10 monthly. As of now, Apple has not hiked the prices of iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple Fitness+.