Apple Introduces Self Service Repair for iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE

Back in November 2021, Apple made a surprise announcement wherein the company announced that it will offer a self-service program for users to repair iPhones and Macs. Apple’s Self Service Repair now available in the US, allowing interested nerds and geeks to purchase the genuine products from the official site and then repair the device as per the manual guidelines.

The program is now available for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 services devices and iPhone SE (3rd generation). Interested buyers can purchase the parts and access the manual directly from the Apple Self Service Repair Store. The online stores offer over 200 parts and also tools required to repair different devices.

Apple’s Self Service Repair

This program is very helpful for those who are experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices to complete repairs on the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 lineups and iPhone SE (3rd generation). In the stores, you will be able to purchase spare parts like the display, battery, and camera. Later this year the program will also include manuals, parts, and tools to perform repairs on Mac computers with Apple chipsets.

Before ordering a part, a user will review the repair manual for the product they want to repair by visiting Then, they can visit the Apple Self Service Repair Store and order the necessary parts and tools. The pricing of all the spare parts available in the store is the same price as those available at Apple’s authorized repair providers. For certain repairs, customers will receive a credit when returning a replaced part for recycling.

Further, Apple will also offer tool rental kits for $49, which allows customers to use them for a week and then return them. The kit will be shipped free of cost. Apple’s self service repair is available in the US and will expand to more countries beginning in Europe later this year.

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