Apple To Launch Cheaper iPads Next Year? iPad Mini 5 and Entry-Level 10-inch iPad 2019 Editions Coming Soon?


Apple Inc. is reportedly deep in development of next year’s products. Interestingly, the iPhone, MacBook, and iPad maker could be focusing on bringing down the cost by making some cleverly made design choices. The next year’s iPad Mini and the entry-level iPad could feature lower-costing hardware in order to cut selling price.

Apple recently launched a lot of revamped products including Apple Watch 4, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iPad Pro, and the latest iPhones which include the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. However, the entry-level iPad and the iPad Mini were missing from the revamped lineup. Several reports indicate Apple has not forgotten or abandoned these devices. Instead, the company is working to ensure they cost a little less, and in turn sell more.

Apple Launching New Fifth-Generation iPad mini And Updated Entry-Level iPad In 2019?

Apple is reportedly launching new fifth-generation iPad mini in the first half of 2019. The company will soon follow with a new entry-level iPad in two versions. The iPad Mini 2019 Edition could be priced slightly lower. Apparently the company wants to arrest the marginal decline of iPad sales with lower-priced models. Although Apple may not corroborate, the production of the new iPad Mini could have already begun.

The Apple iPad Mini seemed to be abandoned by the company. This is because Apple has not updated its smallest iPad since September 2015. The device merely received a price cut in March last year. The iPad Mini with 128GB of internal memory now retails for $399 (INR 28,000 approx.).

Apple iPad Mini 4

The new iPad Mini 2019 edition will have an upgraded processor. However, to cut costs, Apple may have embedded a lower-cost display panel. Interestingly, there are contradictory reports that claim Apple may not revisit the iPad Mini ecosystem. However, the device would surely appeal to a lot of buyers if priced attractively.

The other product Apple is reportedly working on is its entry-level iPad that is also the lowest priced model in the iPad lineup. The seventh-generation iPad will replace the current 9.7-inch model. However, Apple could be working on two models instead of one. Interestingly, the entry-level iPad 2019 edition could have a slightly larger 10-inch screen, but will be available at a similar price point, and near identical dimensions owing to a narrower frame and presumably thinner bezels.

The prevalent entry-level iPad is bulkier than the iPad Pro models. However, it does support Apple Pencil. Needless to add, it is also Apple’s most affordable tablet, starting at $329 (INR 23,000 approx.).

Apple Cutting Production Costs By Switching Country-Of-Origin Of Parts

The latest report about the Apple iPad Mini and the entry-level iPad 2019 editions claims the company is actively trying to cut down production costs. Interestingly, the company is attempting to achieve the goal by scaling down LED procurement from Japan. Apple is now reportedly looking at Korean-made LED displays to achieve cost reduction.

Apple recently suffered in China after the company’s iPhone sales were banned. Although the company will surely fight hard for lifting the ban, the short-term impact could be considerable. Still, the iPhone XR is doing quite well for the company.