Apple Watch UItra Breaks Table When Hammered; Nokia 3310 Finally has a Worthy Successor?

As surprising as it might sound, the Apple Watch managed to survive multiple hits by a hammer.


Apple launched the Watch Ultra as its most premium smartwatch. The Watch Ultra has a price tag of Rs 89,900 in India and comes with many premium features that are not found in many consumer smartwatches. Targeted toward those who want a smartwatch for extreme conditions, the Apple Watch Ultra features a rugged design with a case made out of Titanium, which is one of the strongest metals on Earth. Apple’s claim of a bold, strong Ultra smartwatch was put to test by a YouTuber, who performed a durability test on the Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra vs Hammer: Who Wins?

As surprising as it might sound, the Apple Watch managed to survive multiple hits by a hammer. In fact, the table on which the durability test was performed broke before the Watch Ultra cracked.

The durability and drop test was performed by YouTuber TechRax, who first dropped the Watch Ultra from a four feet height. The Watch Ultra did not crack but received minor dents along the case. It also survived the test wherein the Watch was thrown in a jar of nails and managed to come out without any scratches or visible marks.

In the ultimate durability test, the YouTuber hit the sapphire crystal display multiple times with a hammer. The Watch Ultra could withstand repeated hits with the hammer before it finally cracked. However, the table on which the Apple Watch was rested took some damage first before the Watch’s display cracked.

Following repeated hits, while the display did not crack, the Watch Ultra failed to turn on. This suggests that the internals were damaged during the durability test. That being said, the durability test is more of an unrealistic representation to show how durable the Watch Ultra is. In the real world, users are unlikely to perform any such tests on the Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra Specifications 

The Watch Ultra features a large 49mm Titanium case and a flat sapphire crystal screen, which has a peak brightness of 2000 nits. The Ultra smartwatch is said to offer up to 60 hours of battery life on a single charge. It also features two buttons on the right side , one of which – the Action Button – can be remapped to initiate a new task/ workout. 

The Watch Ultra supports a WR100 water resistance, which means users can dive deep up to 40 meters underwater. It also comes with dual-frequency GPS for accurate positioning. There are many more features that the Watch Ultra comes with, which you can check by clicking here.