Apple WWDC 2023 Event Page Hints the Launch of Reality Pro Headset on June 5, Here’s What to Expect

Apple has put up an AR easter egg on its official WWDC 2023 website.

  • Apple WWDC 2023 official webpage has a nifty new easter egg teasing AR.
  • The easter egg opens an AR page showing the morphing Apple logo with the event date inside it.
  • The easter egg is likely hinting at Reality Pro AR/VR headset expected to launch at the WWDC 2023.

There’s a new easter egg on the official WWDC 2023 webpage. When the users tap on the Apple logo on top of the page, they are taken to an AR simulation showing another Apple logo in real-time, in their immediate vicinity. It is a nudge toward the much-anticipated launch of Apple’s AR/VR headset, reportedly called the Reality Pro headset. Or it could mean that Apple is gearing up to make several AR and VR announcements for developers. Here’s everything you need to know about this development.

Apple’s Easter Egg on WWDC Page Hints at AR/VR Announcements

Apple has added an AR/VR easter egg on its official WWDC page.
Apple has added an AR/VR easter egg on its official WWDC page.

The new AR/VR easter egg from Apple has to be one of the niftiest from the brand. If you want to check it out, head to the Apple Events page and click on the Apple logo on the top. Note that this will only work on your smartphone and tablet. Once you tap on the logo, you should be able to see your vicinity through your device’s camera.

The page will ask you to move your camera around to calibrate the experience. Once the calibration finishes, you should see the glowing, multicoloured Apple logo morphing with the June 5 date inside. You can shrink, zoom and move the logo around in your vicinity. You can also tap the “object” tab on the top to see the same morphing logo against a grey background.

While the easter egg might just be a glowing logo with your surroundings in the background, it is pretty significant as it hints at AR/VR announcements marking a milestone for the brand. It could be as simple as AR and VR innovations in terms of apps and games for developers. However, rumours have been rife about Apple launching its long-due and much-anticipated mixed-reality headset at the upcoming event.

Apple Reality Pro Headset Leaked  Details

Most likely to be called Reality Pro, the mixed reality headset from Apple is speculated to sport a ski-goggles-like design and is expected to cost over $3,000 (~Rs 2,48,000). It’s expected to support AR and VR with a physical crown to switch between them. A recent leak revealed that the headset would come with 4K micro OLED displays measuring 1.41 inches and featuring 4,000 PPI pixel density and 5,000 nits brightness. Other rumoured details include an external battery pack, M2-level processors, and xrOS. The OS is rumoured to be intended for communication and entertainment mainly.