Asus Zenfone 6 Alleged Prototypes Reveals Hole Design for Selfie Camera, Triple Camera Setup, More

The upcoming Asus ZenFone 6 could come with a water-drop notch design and a triple camera setup, reveals this new leak.


Asus isn’t one of the biggest smartphone makers around but it did made a big statement with the ZenFone 5Z in the Indian smartphone sector this year. The company’s flagship offering was offered at an irresistible price starting at Rs 30,000 undercutting even the OnePlus 6 which is dubbed as the flagship killer. From what the company has offered this year, there is a lot of anticipation regarding the next Asus flagship, the Asus ZenFone 6. The ZenFone 5 was announced in February this year so that makes the next iteration still a bit far off as we’re in October. However, the first leak surrounding the flagship broke over the weekend revealing potential designs from prototype units.

The leak came exclusively from an Indian YouTube channel, C4E Tech, who called it a prototype design. The channel host also presented some leaked designs from other channels before showing off his own exclusive hands-on footage. We will link to the video at the end of the article, so check it out below.

Prototype Asus ZenFone 6 with Camera Hole

zenfone 6 prototype

The leaked prototype shown off by the Youtuber, borrowed from other channels revealed a design attributed to market leader Samsung’s upcoming handset – the Galaxy A8s. So, it’s much surprising that Asus could pull off something like this, if it is at all legit. The design shows a small camera hole drilled in the screen itself on the top left side of the screen leaving all other sides of the display completely bezel-less. The leak showed the handset alongside the ZenFone 5Z with a more contemporary notch. If this would be the ZenFone 6, it will definitely blow your mind with those slim bezels. Apart from that, the rear has also recieved a drastic change in texture and has a curved back. The camera cutout is in the centre and there’s no rear fingerprint reader as well visible. Shots from other angles also revealed a 3.5mm headphone jack, micro-USB/Type-C port, and a SIM tray on the top.

The host of the channel did not comment on the authenticity of these images especially when his own exclusive footage painted a drastically different picture of the upcoming ZenFone 6.

The second leaked image shown was of a different fashion at least as far as the front display is concerned. It showed a mini cutout like the Essential Phone on the right side of the display. This unit, claimed to be a prototype has a flat Black rear which appears to be glass and has waterproof markings on it. This is a pretty unusual design and one we have not seen on any smartphone thus far. To be honest, this is very unlikely to happen with the ZenFone 6.

zenfone 6 prototype

Asus ZenFone 6 with Triple Camera

The third prototype which was the exclusive footage of the channel was much more realistic, if you ask us. It showed a dew-drop cutout similar to what many OPPO and Vivo devices have had this year. All the action is at the back as it seems Asus is also working on a triple camera setup for the ZenFone 6. The seconds-long footage showed an alleged ZenFone 6 with three rear cameras and that is pretty much it. Sadly though, there’s no information on the specifications of the triple camera on the handset as much as we would have like to have it.

zenfone 6 prototype

Do note that these were described as prototypes and we aren’t sure that which one of these designs will finally get the green lights from the brand. However, it is very exciting to see a brand other than Samsung working on a camera-in-the-display concept. Presently, the Galaxy A8s is thought to feature such a design and it is expected that Samsung might reveal the handset on early 2019.