Ather 450X 2022 Electric Scooter: Expected Features, Price in India (On-Road), Mileage, and More

The new Ather 450X travels farther than the outgoing model and sports a few design changes.


Ather 450X is set to receive an overhaul soon, as a new facelift version of the electric scooter is anticipated to hit the Indian markets tomorrow. In an all-new avatar, the popular Ather e-scooter is likely to promise a higher mileage on a single charge and several new features that are absent from the current model. With this, Ather Energy wishes to compete with the ever-increasing number of electric scooters making their way to the Indian market as part of the ongoing EV revolution in the country that is bringing a new class of vehicles.

As has been hinted in multiple reports till now, the new Ather 450X may sport a slightly different design than the outgoing model. In addition, we can expect to see new capabilities on the electric scooter this time around. These are likely to be backed by the same electric motor as the one on the current model but a bigger battery backing it up. With this, the Ather 450X may deliver a mileage of close to 150 km on a full charge. If so, this will put the Ather offering among the highest-rmileage electric scooters in India. Here is a detailed look at this expected launch date, price and other sales information of the new Ather 450X.

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Ather 450X Launch in India

A recent post on Twitter by Ather Energy drops a massive hint on the launch date of the Ather 450X. While the company had refrained from an official announcement on its new electric scooter despite multiple reports till now, it has now declared that it will be unveiling the new Ather 450X on Tuesday, July 19.

The Twitter post carries an official poster reading, “What can outrun an Ather 450X? The all new Ather 450X.” Following this is the official date for the unveiling, listed to be as July 19. So we can be sure that the wait for the facelift version of the Ather electric scooter is finally going to be over.

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Ather 450X Expected Price in India

The current model of the Ather 450X is priced at Rs 1.50 lakh (ex-showroom) in Bengaluru, while the same price in Delhi is about Rs 1.38 lakh. Since there are hardly any taxes on EVs, the on-road price of the electric scooter largely remains the same.

We can expect the new model to come with a slightly higher price tag than this. With the larger battery, this price hike may range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. This will bring its price to around Rs 1.60 lakh (ex-showroom) in Bengaluru and Rs 1.48 lakh in Delhi. Of course, the exact pricing will only be unveiled tomorrow.

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Ather 450X Expected Sale Date

While we will have to wait for official details on when the new Ather 450X will be going on sale, it is likely that the company will not take much time to deliver the electric scooters to buyers following its unveil tomorrow. Since the design largely remains the same and Ather already has an established supply chain for its present EV models, it should be able to deliver on the new Ather 450X soon after its launch.

We can expect the deliveries of the electric scooter to begin by the end of July or by the first week of August. Though this will be confirmed only after Ather’s official announcement tomorrow.

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Ather 450X Expected Features

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming Ather 450X:

Larger Battery

As per the leaked information, the new Ather electric scooter will carry a 3.66kWh Nickel Cobalt battery instead of the 2.9kWh battery pack seen in the present model. This should up the mileage of the e-scooter to 146km, instead of the 116km on the present model, on a full charge.

Longer Mileage

With this, the real-world mileage of the new Ather 450X is expected to be somewhere around the 120km mark. This should give the electric scooter an edge over many of its competitors in the market.

The battery’s larger capacity is due to its larger size and weight of 19 kg. To accommodate this on the scooter, the company made slight changes to the design of the scooter, which is now expected to have a longer wheelbase and more kerb weight than the outgoing model.

Other Expected Features

Other than these, we can expect most of the features to remain the same. This may include the five riding modes – Warp, Sport, Ride, Eco and Smart Eco, and peak power of 6.4 kW. The acceleration should be around 0 to 40kmph in 3.3 seconds, and the top speed may be limited to 80 kmph since the electric motor is expected to be the same as in the outgoing model.

If Ather has used the same infotainment panel, we can see a 7-inch LCD display for everything one shall need to see on the electric scooter. The information departed will involve navigation, incoming calls, and vehicle statistics. Other features like Tyre Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS, and reverse assist are also anticipated to make the list. What we may see new, shall be the charging times on the EV’s larger battery this time. Though it is sure to feature a fast charging system, so it may stay close to