Balagam OTT Release: Telugu Film Streaming Now on Amazon Prime

Telugu film Balagam is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. The film has come on OTT just 3 weeks after its theatrical release and will be available in multiple languages.

  • Balagam, a Telugu hit is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video
  • The film is available in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam
  • The film is the directorial debut of Venu Yeldandi, a comedian


Balagam, a recent surprise hit at the Tollywood box office starring Priyadarshi and directed by comedian Venu, is all set for its OTT release now. The movie had an unexpectedly successful run at the Telugu box office. The newest information is that Amazon Prime Video and Simply South will both offer the movie for streaming. It was recently confirmed that Balagam will be streamable on Amazon Prime Video and Simply South starting at 12 AM today. It will be interesting to watch if the Telugu audience on OTT reacts similarly to this surprisingly strong box office hit.

The film is a village drama with a focus on fundamental human emotions. Set in the backdrop of Telangana, the movie won over reviewers and audiences. Surprisingly, the movie continues to perform exceptionally well at the box office. Venu Yeldandi, a comedian, made his Tollywood directing debut with the release of the movie. Unfortunately, not many people were convinced to see him in the capacity of director when he first revealed his directing endeavour. But the success of his film served as evidence of his skills.

Actually, the fact that Balagam made it to the OTT just three weeks after its theatrical release astonished the online community. Perhaps the team had already agreed to a 3-week OTT window before the actual release. The film continues to draw large audiences, particularly in the Nizam Region.

When and Where to Watch Balagam

The biggest surprise for all Balagam fans is right here. Prime Video announced a short while ago that it is streaming the film on its platform now. Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam versions of the film are currently viewable on Prime Video.



Kavya Kalyanram


Racha Ravi


Directed by Venu Yeldandi

Music by Bheems Ceciroleo

Cinematography by Acharya Venu

Edited by Madhu

Produced by Harshith Reddy, Hanshitha Reddy, under Dil Raju Productions banner


An elderly man named Komurayya (Sudhakar Reddy), who resides in a Telangana village, is a cheerful character who gets up early in the morning, greets everyone, and works on his farm. He is the father of three children: Lakshmi (Roopa), a daughter, and two sons Mogilayya and Aillaya (Jayaram). Yet his family is no longer the same. Saayilu  (Priyadarshi Pulikonda), his clever but conceited grandson, aspires to get married in order to pay off his debts. The sudden death of Komurayya soon before the engagement alters the trajectory of his life and the lives of his family members, rattling some unresolved issues. The family’s pinda (riceball) rite, attended by the whole village, demonstrates that the elderly man’s soul is displeased with something when the crows withhold from eating the offerings. Will the family make amends? Will they sort out their differences and free the departed soul, forms the crux of the film.


Balagam, written and directed by comedian Venu Tillu alias Venu Yaldandi, had a slow start but quickly gained momentum thanks to enthusiastic word-of-mouth and a strong audience presence in theaters. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana alone made the film a big success. IMDb giving a rating of 8.4/10 gives an insight into the popularity of the film.