Battlefield 2042: EA Working on Mode That Will Include Fan-Favourite Maps

Battlefield 2042 will include a game mode that brings back older maps from the series' past.


The lead-up to EA Play Live on July 22nd will include a couple of presentations from the publishers, one of which concluded last night and featured Battlefield 2042. Easily one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, the first-person shooter franchise returns to a modern setting, albeit in a near-futuristic environment.

The gameplay reveal was met with positive reactions from the community across the board – and it looks like EA wants to double down on the nostalgia factor even more. EA’s Future of FPS livestream detailed future projects that its studios are working on, with Ripple Effect Studios set to work on a particular component of Battlefield 2042.

The mode will bring several fan-favourite maps from the series’ past to Battlefield 2042 – which has gone down very well with the community.

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EA working on bringing fan-favourite maps to Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

From the looks of things, this is the most pandering EA has probably with regards to the Battlefield franchise in a very long time. Multiplayer maps from older games in the series tend to dig up a ton of nostalgic memories and giving them a new-gen makeover is certainly going to be very exciting.

This not only brings more eyeballs to the game, but also compels Battlefield veterans to give the new game a chance. In an era that is defined by large scale, all-out battle royale, it is good to see EA sticking to the series’ roots with an emphasis on multiplayer arenas.

Battlefield 2042 - Ripple Effect

The other important takeaway from this is that instead of DICE, EA have assigned the project to another studio – Ripple Effect, a new studio under EA, who were previously known as DICE LA. Managing the studio is Vince Zampella, founder of Respawn Entertainment.

This takes a certain amount of load off of DICE and provides Ripple Effect Studios to carve a name for itself with a big debut.