Battlefield 2042 May Get Free-to-Play Modes Soon


According to journalist and industry insider Tom Henderson, EA might be looking to take some portions of Battlefield 2042 in the free-to-play direction. This is on the back of speculation that suggests that EA aren’t exactly thrilled with the numbers Battlefield 2042 has turned up since launch.

In a video on his Youtube channel, Tom explains that EA is looking at various ways to recover from a somewhat disappointing launch. This includes looking at game modes such as Portal and making parts of it a free-to-play title.

Portal, developed by Ripple Effect Studios is a game mode in Battlefield 2042 that gives players access to select maps from previous Battlefield games and lets them design their own match experiences. While EA hasn’t officially confirmed this free-to-play direction, it might not be that far a stretch.

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EA Possibly Looking at Portal as a Free-to-Play Game Mode in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Portal

Battlefield 2042 hasn’t exactly been a runaway success that EA, DICE and even fans were hoping for but it hasn’t all been shabby. In our review of the game, we touched upon the game’s many bright spots, but they were undeniably stuck under the rubble of the game’s many issues, including bugs and half-baked progression.

The game has had a hard time bringing players into the fold as even new game mode, Hazard Zone hasn’t had much success either. Perhaps it is time for EA to be looking at their options as taking the game into the free-to-play direction a la Warzone.

Rival franchise Call of Duty essentially got a major boost on the back of their free-to-play component, Warzone, which has pretty much become its own independent game at this point. This is why it only makes sense for EA to consider going down that route and testing the waters with a free-to-play game mode.