Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Acknowledges Issues Regarding UC Purchase, Stuck in Loading Screen, and More

Let’s take a look at the Battlegrounds Mobile India bugs, errors reported.


Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20 has kicked off. The new BGMI season 20 update was rolled out earlier this week. Players need to update the app from the Google Play Store before playing Season 20. The game is currently available only for Android smartphone users at the moment. There is no official word from Krafton on the release of the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS app. Meanwhile, Android smartphone users playing BGMI have reported some issues during the gameplay. Krafton has acknowledged multiple issues and assured a resolution as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at the Battlegrounds Mobile India bugs, errors reported.

Battlegrounds Mobile India bugs reported

Battlegrounds Mobile India players have reported some issues during gameplay. Krafton had acknowledged these issues and assured a fix. 

One of the issues reported by players is getting stuck on the loading screen when wearing the unicorn set outfits. The company, on its official website, said that it is aware of the issue and working on a fix. Meanwhile, players have been advised to avoid wearing the outfit until Krafton resolves the issue. There is no word on the timeline. Krafton said it will notify players once the issue has been fixed.

Krafton has also informed players about an issue where the Login Day 2’s reward in the ‘Bring on the Heat’ event was marked as Mission Card (S19), although Season 19 has ended. It has now corrected the error and marked the card as Mission Card (M1). Players who experienced any inconvenience are being compensated for the same. Krafton said that the corrected Mission Card (M1) will be sent sequentially via the in-game mail. 

Lastly, the developers have also identified an issue, wherein players would see the message ‘’UC not being claimed intermittently after purchase’. Players are advised to contact the in-game customer care to get help if they experience such an issue. To do so, tap on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the lobby > Settings > Basic > Customer Service.