Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Early Access: Here’s The Full List of Things You Can Migrate From Old Account

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) pretty much lets players continue their journey from PUBG Mobile.


After months of being suspended in stasis without news or information of PUBG Mobile returning in any way, shape, or form, fans can finally play Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The game is available for pre-registered beta testers on the Google Play Store and the festivities amongst the Indian gaming community are well underway.

The game has undergone several changes in terms of some aesthetic choices, but the core gameplay remains largely unchanged from the days of PUBG Mobile back in the day. A major concern for the fanbase at large was whether they might be able to pick up where they left off with PUBG Mobile in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Much of those concerns were laid to rest as soon as players first logged in using their Facebook or Twitter account. The app enquired whether they would like to restore their account from PUBG Mobile – much to the delight of the sizeable player base of BGMI, formerly PUBG Mobile.

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List of account details players can migrate to BGMI from PUBG Mobile

Krafton’s official website for BGMI includes a well-detailed support page for players looking to migrate their data to the new game. The list of data that will be transferred to the game is pretty extensive and players can have a look through this link here.

Important Details that players can transfer:

System Detail
Log-in Nickname, Character ID
Information Basic Info (Avatards, Tags, etc)
In-Game Mail
Tier and Stats (Only for Current Season)
Season Season Rewards and Mission Progress
Achievement System Points
Rewards Claim Status
Weapon DIY Acquisition Status of Rec. Layout
Layout Creation Status
Unlock Status (Pattern,Color,etc)
Mirror feature availability on weapon pattern display
Character System Acquisition Status
Level Info After level-up
Movement Unlock Status
Voice Unlock Status
Vehicle system Acquisition Status
Vehicle Level
Part Unlock Status


While players will be able to bring over most of their data from PUBG Mobile, many will find the odd data missing. While it could be a detriment for some players, Krafton has done a decent job retaining much of the player’s progress across the two versions of the game.

Here is a brief rundown of data that will not be carried over from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Important data that players will not be able to transfer:

System Detail
Log-in Phone Number, Email Linking 
In-Game Mail Messages and Attached Items in the In-Game Inbox
Tiers and Statistics Prior Season Data Not Transferred
Ranking Ranking Not Transferred
Merit Merit Not Transferred
Achievement Rank Data Not Transferred
Friends Platform Friends
In-Game Friends
Friend Circle Circle Data
Saved Photo Data
Clan Clan Data Not Transferred


Rest assured, players will be able to continue on their climb towards battle royale supremacy with ease with Battlegrounds Mobile India.

This is a pretty significant moment for the gaming community in India as much of it was centered around the mobile game community. PUBG Mobile was integral in starting the conversation around competitive gaming in the country, and its return under a new name – BGMI, is massively positive for the scene.