Battlegrounds Mobile India Teases Erangel Map From PUBG Mobile, But With a Typo

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now expected to be very similar to what PUBG Mobile was, after multiple reports hint at the possibility.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
PUBG Mobile's EU version won't allow users to migrate data to BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India is nearing its speculated launch, and even though an official date is yet to be declared for the public release of the game, multiple teasers from Krafton itself have kept the conversation alive regarding the return of the much awaited game. The rehashed version of PUBG Mobile now has a new teaser that appears to show what was the super popular Erangel map, which was part of the erstwhile PUBG Mobile. However, in the teaser, Erangel appears to come with a typo in its name, and is called ‘Erangle’ instead. It’s not clear if the change is intentional, or is a mistake that somehow crossed all quality checks before being published.

The Erangel map teaser for Battlegrounds Mobile India comes some time after another popular PUBG Mobile map, Sanhok, was also teased for the game. In the new Erangel teaser, the signature water tank that was a part of the map is visible in the new game, too. Conversations have remain rife on exactly what changes may have been made to the game in order to get clearance for operating in India, again. However, there are no official information around the changes that Krafton has made to Battlegrounds Mobile India, and neither has word on official government clearance for the game been published. While the latter isn’t exactly the norm before all apps and games are published, PUBG Mobile has a different point of contention because of its previous ban.

So far, many have pointed to numerous similarities between PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India. These include the latter’s system package retaining the PUBG Mobile name, suggesting that the essential game has largely remained the same. Even the Google Play Store URL for the game has remained the same, suggesting that the changes made to the game may be incremental and cosmetic to fulfil the requirements set by authorities, if any. Back when PUBG Mobile was banned, the central government put it in a list of apps that were tied to data servers in China.

With preorders of Battlegrounds Mobile India now live on Android, most reports suggest that the game should launch by June 18th. All eyes will be on the game’s official website and social pages for any announcement. The game has so far included new policies that restrict gaming time and spending limits for minors, and rumours state that kills will be depicted with different graphics, as part of the changes rolled out to it.

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