Battlegrounds Mobile India New Underage Policy Restricts Minors From Spending Over Rs 7,000 in Game, Play More than 3 Hours

Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally come as the official successor of PUBG Mobile, and with it, Krafton has laid out new rules for minors.


Battlegrounds Mobile India is here, launching as the official successor to PUBG Mobile. While the exact gameplay details about Battlegrounds Mobile India are yet to be known, a set of new clauses have come in with the game as part of its privacy policy, detailing how Krafton will approach the usage of the game by underage players, going forward. Taking on this, the policy now dictates two clear mandates underlining two key limits that any player under the age of 18 would have on the game. The two limits concern gaming time per day, and the amount of money that an underage player can spend on it.

According to the Krafton privacy policy, gamers under the age of 18 can only play the game for three hours a day. Furthermore, all underage players will be sanctioned a maximum in-game spending limit of Rs 7,000 per day. The two policies likely seek to address two major concerns that the erstwhile PUBG Mobile had regarding its gameplay, which had raised multiple concerns around the aspect of addiction in the game. In its previous form, PUBG Mobile regularly attracted drastic cases where minors committed self-harm after being restricted from playing the game, and stole money from parents and guardians to spend on in-game items.

With these two limits at hand, the new Battlegrounds Mobile India will hope to address such concerns. As part of its updated terms of service, Krafton has also stated that Battlegrounds Mobile India underage players will also have stricter parental control, where they will have to enter a parent or guardian’s contact number in order to gain consent to access the game. Parents can also gain redressal in terms of personal information of minors collected as part of the game, by writing to the publisher and requesting their data be deleted.

As of now, it remains unclear as to how similar or different from PUBG Mobile will Battlegrounds Mobile India be in terms of gameplay. The latter now has a new name and logo, but the general theme does seem to be in line with what PUBG Mobile offered. The game will go up for pre-registrations now, with a public launch set to take place soon.