Battlegrounds Mobile India is Really Just PUBG Mobile With India-Centric Branding, Here’s Proof

Battlegrounds Mobile India on Google Play Store mentions PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Art
EU version players might have to start from scratch in BGMI.

Earlier today Krafton made the online smartphone game Battleground Mobile India live for pre-registration in the country. The game developers announced an array of game benefits for gaming enthusiasts who opt for pre-registration. Last week it was reported that the game developers don’t want BIM to be linked with the PUBG Mobile to avoid getting banned again, but it seems that the company is not cautious enough. Reports suggest that the game developers contacted the YouTube content creators and told them not to use PUBG Mobile in their content, but it seems that Krafton has not cut ties with the banned PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Moniker Spotted on BIM URL

According to a report from IGN India, the game developers have made a big blunder as they have forgotten to remove PUBG Mobile from the URL of Battleground Mobile India’s pre-registration page. Yes! You read it correctly, the pre-registration for Battleground Mobile India goes live today in the country on Google Play Store, but the URL consists of the PUBG Mobile name in it. There might be a possibility that the developers have used the old page and revamped it with BMI’s registration details and forget to update the link.

Here you can see the link to Battlegrounds Mobile India on Google Play Store that has PUBG Mobile in the end. The “com.pubg.imobile” in the link is known as the app package name, so when the game is available for installation and gets installed on your device then it will create a root directory named “com.pubg.imobile”. Currently, there is no information on why Krafton has done this, to know more we need to wait for the official announcement.

Some reports claim that the company has done this deliberately to improve the search results (SEO) of the Battlegrounds Mobile India on Google. This could be a strategic move to lure more traffic and make the app more visible on the Google Play Store.

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