Berlin OTT Release Date Confirmed: Netflix Announces Release Date with a Teaser

Netflix announces the date of release of a new spin-off from Money Heist, Berlin. with a teaser trailer. Read on to know more about the series.

  • Berlin is a spin-off of the popular Netflix show Money Heist
  • Like many shows on Netflix, this one will also have eight episodes
  • Berlin will be released on December 29

Money Heist fans have another reason to rejoice. The prequel series for the Spanish drama Money Heist (also known as La Casa de Papel) was announced earlier this year, and it was said that the series is scheduled to air in December. Netflix has just declared December 29, 2023, as the precise premiere date for the aforementioned series.

A little teaser trailer released by Netflix revealed the release date. The streamer gave a sneak peek into the heist that will be pulled off in the series with the trailer. As the Professor’s brother, Berlin has a special place in Money Heist. He frequently makes appearances in flashbacks and is essential to the series’ main heists’ planning. Berlin is depicted in the movie’s official teaser as an exuberant, carefree burglar who desires “all the things that make life worth living,” but he endangers his own crime by having a relationship with the victim’s wife.

When and Where to Watch Berlin

Netflix has announced that it will be premiering the series on its platform on December 29 and has announced the date with a teaser trailer. In the meantime, viewers can subscribe to the services of Netflix to watch Money Heist, which is being streamed on the digital giant’s platform.

Name of the Movie/Show Berlin
OTT Platform Netflix
OTT Release date December 29
Cast Pedro Alonso, Yuri D
Language English

Official Trailer and Plot of Berlin

There are only two things that are guaranteed to turn a bad day into a fantastic one: love and a pay-out worth millions, according to the Berlin synopsis on Netflix. They enable Berlin to continue living out his golden years when he is still unaware of his sickness and hasn’t become ensnared like a rat in the Spanish Mint. He begins planning one of his most daring heists at this point: making 44 million dollars worth of gems magically vanish. He’ll ask one of the three groups he’s ever stolen with for assistance in order to accomplish it.

Along with Pedro Alonso, important characters in the series include Michelle Jenner, Begoa Vargas, Julio Pea, Tristán Ulloa, Joel Sánchez, Yuri D, Marcel Gonzalez, Miko Jarry, Julien Paschal, Itziar Ituo, and Najwa Nimri. Alex Pina and writer Esther Martnez Lobato are the creators of the series.

Reception of Berlin

The date announcement teaser was released barely 15 hours ago and has garnered 98,457 views on YouTube and 63.5k on Twitter, showing the anticipation and hype it has created among the audience. Watch out for this space for more updates.