Best Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs 2,000 – Don’t Miss These Incredible Deals

Bluetooth earphones have steadily become more affordable over time, and these five earphones are now available at less than Rs 2,000 to give you feet-tapping sound without breaking the bank.

Bluetooth earphones are no longer indulgences. They are necessary accessories in a world where smartphones are skipping headphone jacks altogether. As a result, with every accessory that goes from being indulgences to necessities, Bluetooth earphones have also become steadily more affordable in recent times. With the festive season coming up, gadgets such as Bluetooth earphones have become among the most popular electronics bought as gifts for friends and relatives.

We handpicked seven Bluetooth earphones that you can buy at a discount today. Each of these earphones are priced under Rs 2,000. We strongly believe these are the best options with good audio performance without needing to splurge.

Best Bluetooth Earphones Under Rs 2,000

  1. Oppo Enco M31
  2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z
  3. Realme Buds Wireless
  4. Blaupunkt BE50
  5. Skullcandy Jib Plus
  6. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+
  7. Sennheiser CX 120BT

1. Oppo Enco M31

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo enjoys a lofty reputation in the field of audio. Particularly with its now-discontinued planar magnetic headphones in the premium audiophile segment. Continuing in the same vein, Oppo has thrown an extensive range of goodies into this budget-friendly Oppo Enco M31 wireless earphone pair. The neckband-style pair of Bluetooth earphones feature 9.2mm full-range dynamic audio drivers. This is in line with what you would expect from budget audio products. That said, you get Hi-Res Audio certification and compatibility with the LDAC codec, a rarity in this price range. It also implies high resolution wireless audio streaming from the pair of earphones.

Other key features include the IPX5 durability certification, and its quick charge capability – 10 minutes of charging gives you three hours of playback time. This is by far our favourite sounding pair of wireless earphones in this price range. Oppo Enco M31 is presently on sale and costs Rs 1,699.

2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

Oppo’s sister brand OnePlus has a mighty close offering to the Enco M31, with the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z. The latter features the same driver make.  Unlike the Oppo Enco M31, which sounds more neutral and dynamic, the Bullets Wireless Z is tuned for bass-heads.

The Bullets Wireless Z Bluetooth earphones are powered by a Qualcomm Bluetooth chipset, and is based on the Bluetooth 5.0 standard that brings features such as Quick Pair and Quick Switch. The key takeaway here is OnePlus’ Warp Charge technology. You can expect 10 hours of playback time in just 10 minutes of charging time.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is priced at Rs 1,799 right now and available on the OnePlus official website.

3. Realme Buds Wireless

Realme Buds Wireless is configured with larger dynamic drivers than Oppo and OnePlus offerings. It has a pair of 11.2mm dynamic drivers powering the earphones. While the Buds Wireless comes with a quick charge feature as well, it is not as expansive as OnePlus. Nevertheless, it still offers close to two hours of playback time with just a 10-minute charge. Additionally, Realme Buds Wireless features quirky colours on its tangle-free attachment cords to the neckband. It also has wing tips to ensure a tight, snug fit for any ear shape or size. Realme Buds Wireless is priced at Rs 1,699.

4. Blaupunkt BE50XL

Car audio specialist Blaupunkt offers one of the most affordable pair of Bluetooth earphones that you can buy right now. With the promise of delivering high definition-standard audio over the A2DP Bluetooth codec, the Blaupunkt BE50XL is a reliable option for those looking for affordable wireless earphones options under Rs 1,500. It also promises 24 hours of music playback time. Plus, you get IPX5 durability rating to ensure that you can use it as your regular earphones pair when hitting the gym. Blaupunkt BE50XL is available on Amazon at Rs 1,299.

5. Skullcandy Jib Plus

Skullcandy has a notorious reputation for outrageous designs and colour schemes in its audio gear. However, the brand has now moved on to a more muted approach with its earphones. And, enhancing the overall audio performance that its products offered. The Jib Plus is one such pair of Bluetooth earphones, which offer six hours of music playback time and splash resistance that ensures that you do not need a mid-week charge cycle if you use it only for your morning workouts. Priced at Rs 1,499, the Skullcandy Jib Plus is one of the most reliable and affordable pair of wireless earphones that you can buy right now.

6. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+

boAt has become one of the biggest audio product brands in India. Over the past year, the company has launched a ton of wireless headphones. But the one that has stuck the chord with audiophiles is the boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+. The bluetooth earphones come with 40 hours of music playback and and can achieve 10 hours of playback with just 10 minutes of charge.

Under the hood, the neckband houses 10mm drivers on each bud and supports cVc noise cancellation technology. The headphones is also IPX7 rated which means you can take them to your gym workouts. The headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 and the inline buttons can be set to activate Siri or Google Assistant. The boAt RockerZ 255 Pro+ are priced at Rs 899 and are available on Amazon and BoAt’s official store.

7. Sennheiser CX 120BT

Sennheiser is known for its top-notch premium range of over-the-ear headphones. If you are someone who trusts the Sennheiser brand, then the Sennheiser CX 120BT bluetooth neckband is for you. The CX 120BT comes with SBC and aptX™ codec compatibility and bluetooth 4.1.

The bluetooth headphones from Sennheiser offer 6 hours of music playback, and the battery can be charged within 1.5 hours. The headphones are currently on sale at Rs. 1,790 on Amazon and come with 2-years of warranty.

So, which one are you planning on buying? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Oppo Enco M31 Rs 1,699
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Rs 1,799
Realme Buds Wireless Rs 1,699
Blaupunkt BE50 Rs 1,499
Skullcandy Jib Plus Rs 1,499
boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ Rs 899
Sennheiser CX 120BT Rs 1,790

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