Best Guns in BGMI 2023: Get the Competitive Edge with these Top Firearms

Here are the best guns in BGMI!

  • BGMI is back, baby!
  • You need the best guns to get the chicken dinner.
  • This article lists the best guns in BGMI according to the best ARs, LMGs, SMGs, Snipers, Shotguns & Pistols. 

After getting banned last year, BGMI, or Battleground Mobile India, is back in India. It looks like mobile gamers were waiting for this moment, as no other game has replaced the game after it was banned. The battle royale game focuses on scoring a Chicken Dinner using unique tactics and skills. However, guns play an important role in the game, and they can be a deciding factor when it comes to some of those crazy clutches. 

The game offers a wide variety of firearms that you can in the battlefield. We have some guns that have high base damage, while others have high firing rates. This is why it is important to know the best guns while in battle. Let us discuss all the best guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India in this list, arranged according to the gun type. We have also mentioned base damage, ammo type, fire rates, and more in this article. Read on.

BGMI Best Assault Rifles

Assault Rifle Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
Groza 49 7.62 mm 0.08
AUG A3 43 5.56 mm 0.08
M416 41 5.56 mm 0.08


Groza is a beast in close-range combat with the most damage dealt in close range. It has a base damage of 47 and uses 7.62mm ammo. It is also found across maps commonly. 


AUG A3 is yet another interesting gun in the game that comes with great controls and less recoil. The gun deals a damage of 43 and uses 5.56mm ammo. It has a fire rate of 0.08 seconds and deals heavy damage in close to medium range. 


M416 is one of the most iconic guns in BGMI. The gun is used by multiple pro players due to its low recoil, multiple options for attachment and fast reload speeds. The gun deals a damage of 41 and uses 5.56mm ammo. The gun comes with a firing rate of 0.08 seconds and deals good damage in the medium range.

BGMI Best Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifle Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
AWM 105 .300 Magnum 1.85
M24 79 7.62 mm 1.8
Kar98k 75 7.62 mm 1.9


AWM, or Arctic Warfare Magnum, is not only the best sniper rifle in BGMI, but it is also one of the best guns overall in the game. It stands tall with the highest damage rate among its peers, giving 105 damage. It can also damage a level 3 helmet by 80 to 90%. It is a rare gun and can be found only on airdrops. The ammo it uses is the .300 magnum, also located in the airdrop. 


M24 is a great sniper in BGMI. It gives 76 damage and uses the 7.62mm ammo. Both are common and can be found anywhere on the maps. It provides less damage than AWM but isn’t a rare gun. It can damage a level 2 helmet and can deal maximum damage at 120 metres. 


Kar98k is one of the most popular snipers among BGMI players. It deals damage of 75 and uses 7.62mm ammo. It needs two hits to knock down an enemy using a level 2 helmet. Like M24, this gun can be found anywhere on the map. 

BGMI Best Designated Marksman Rifles

DMR Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
Mk14 EBR 61 7.62 mm 0.10
QBU 48 5.56 mm 0.10
SLR 58 7.62 mm 0.10

Mk14 EBR

Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, or Mk14 EBR, is an improved version of the SKS rifle, and it can only be acquired from airdrops. It can be switched to automatic fire mode, which no other DMR can do. It has high recoil levels, deals 46 damage, and uses 5.56mm ammo. 


QBU is a DMR that’s only available on the Sanhok map. It has a default bipod, and deploying that while prone gives it one of the best recoil reductions in a gun in the game. It deals damage of 48 and uses 5.56mm ammo. 


SLR, or Self Loading Rifle, is one of the most popular DMRs among BGMI players. It is a standard gun in BGMI and can be used in all game maps. It deals more damage than most DMRs and is hard to control without attachments because of the high recoil. 

BGMI Best Submachine Guns

SMG Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
UMP45 39 .45 ACP 0.09
Thompson SMG (or Tommy gun) 40 .45 ACP 0.09
Vector 31 9 mm 0.054

UMP 45

UMP 45 is one of the most powerful and popular SMGs in BGMI. It was earlier called UMP 9; the name was changed after the gun in the game switched to 0.45 ACP ammo from 9mm ammo. It deals 35 damage and has a fire rate of 0.09 seconds.

Thomson or Tommy Gun

Another popular SMG is Tommy Gun or Thomason. It deals the most damage among SMGs and uses the same 0.45 ACP ammo that UMP 45 uses. It deals 40 base damage and is a common gun in all the maps in the game. 


The Vector is a close-range beast and one of the best SMGs in BGMI. It has lower damage of 31, but the higher firing rate of 0.054 seconds compensates for that.

Best Pistol In BGMI

Pistol Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
Sawed-off 160 12 Gauge 0.25
Desert Eagle 62 .45 ACP 0.25
P18C 23 9 mm 0.06


Sawed-off is the only shotgun to be categorised under Pistols. It is similar to S686 and has a base damage greater than any other pistol. It can deal 160 base damage and is an unstoppable force at short range. It uses 12 gauge ammo and has a fire rate of 0.25 seconds. 

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle has more damage than most pistols, reaching 62 per hit. It can knock down an enemy with a level 3 helmet with two shots to the head and can do that with one headshot for a level 1 helmet.


P18C is a pistol that uses 9mm ammo and fires in full auto mode. It is one of the best pistols in the game but deals low base damage.  

BGMI Best Shotguns

Shotgun Base Damage Ammo Type Fire Rate
DBS 26 HP/pellet 12 Gauge 0.6
S12K 24 HP/pellet 12 Gauge 0.25
S686 26 HP/pellet 12 Gauge 0.2


DBS is often called the king of close combat, as it can knock down an enemy in a single shot. It has a higher ammo capacity of 13 loads and deals with 25 HP per pellet damage. 


S12K is one of the best shotguns in BGMI as it supports more attachments than other shotguns. You can attach a scope, a muzzle and a mag to this gun, which no other shotguns can do. It has a higher fire rate than other shotguns as well. It has a base damage rate of 24 HP per hit and uses 12 gauge bullets.


S686 is a powerful shotgun that takes two bullets per load. You need to reload after the two shots, but if the first two shots get hit, it’s game over for the enemy. It deals with 26 base damage and uses 12 gauge ammo. 

Most Powerful Guns in BGMI

Here is the complete list of powerful guns among categories in BGMI:

Most Powerful Assault Rifles (AR) in BGMI

Assault Rifle Base Damage Ammo Type
AKM 49 7.62 mm
Groza 49 7.62 mm
MK47 Mutant 49 7.62 mm
Beryl M762 47 7.62 mm
M16A4 43 5.56 mm
SCAR-L 43 5.56 mm
M416 43 5.56 mm
Aug A3 43 5.56 mm
QBZ 43 5.56 mm
G36C 43 5.56 mm

Most Powerful Snipers in BGMI

Sniper Rifle Base Damage Ammo Type
AWM 105 .300 Magnum
M24 79 7.62 mm
Kar98k 75 7.62 mm
Win94 66 7.62 mm

Most Powerful Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) in BGMI

DMR Base Damage Ammo Type
MK14 61 7.62 mm
SLR 58 7.62 mm
SKS 53 7.62 mm
QBU 48 5.56 mm
Mini 14 46 5.56 mm
MK12 46 5.56 mm
VSS 41 9 mm

Most Powerful SMG (Submachine Guns) in BGMI

SMG Base Damage Ammo Type
Uzi 26 9 mm
UMP45 39 .45 ACP
Vector 31 9 mm
Thompson SMG (or Tommy gun) 40 .45 ACP
PP-19 Bizon 35 9 mm
MP5K 33 9 mm

Most Powerful Shotguns (SG) in BGMI

Shotgun Base Damage Ammo Type
S686 26 HP/pellet 12 Gauge
S1897 26 HP/pellet 12 Gauge
S12K 24 HP/pellet 12 Gauge
DBS 26 HP/pellet 12 Gauge
M1014 24 HP/pellet 12 Gauge

Most Powerful LMGs (Light Machine Guns) in BGMI

LMG Base Damage Ammo Type
M249 45 HP 5.56 mm
DP-28 51 HP 7.62 mm

Most Powerful Pistols in BGMI

Pistol Base Damage Ammo Type
P92 35 9 mm
P1911 41 .45 ACP
R1895 55 7.62 mm
P18C 23 9 mm
R45 55 .45 ACP
Sawed-off 160 12 Gauge
Scorpion 22 9 mm
Desert Eagle 62 .45 ACP
Flare Gun N/A

Best Gun in BGMI for Long-Range

These are the best guns in BGMI for long-range combat:

  • AWM with 8x scope
  • Kar98K with 8x scope
  • M24 with 8x scope

Best Gun Combination in BGMI

Here are some of the best gun combinations in BGMI:

  • AKM + SKS
  • AWM + MK47
  • AKM + M416
  • M416 + UMP45
  • M416 + Uzi
  • Groza + Kar96K

Best Guns in BGMI for Beginners

Here are some of the best guns for beginners in BGMI:

  • M416
  • UZI
  • Vector
  • AUG A3
  • Mini 14
  • DP-28

To know more about these guns and what makes them special for beginners, read: BGMI Guns: List of Best Guns for Beginners in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Best Team deathmatch (TDM) guns in BGMI

Here are some of the best guns for the Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode in BGMI:

  • UMP45
  • AKM 
  • M24
  • Groza
  • M416

These guns provide the fast-paced action required for TDM mode in BGMI. We have already discussed what makes these guns special in the earlier sections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the No. 1 gun in BGMI?

That depends on the category of the gun you’re looking for. We have listed the No. 1 guns in each category on this page. 

Which is the high-damage auto gun in BGMI?

Two of the best guns with high-damage auto are Groza and AKM. 

Which gun has the most damage in BGMI?

AWM sniper rifle has the highest damage in BGMI.

Which gun has the lowest damage in BGMI?

P90 has the least damage in BGMI.