Jio 4G Data Plans 2021: Best Jio Data Booster Packs that Offer Up to 84GB Data, Free Disney Plus Hotstar Mobile Subscription

Jio 4G Data Vouchers

Five years since the arrival of Jio, India continues to remain the country with possibly the lowest mobile data tariffs on the planet. This, in spite of the fact that telecom companies have in recent months, hiked their data and voice tariff by as much as 40 per cent. With the company still going strong and introducing new Jio recharge offers, we thought now would be a good time to take one more look at some of the best Jio data booster plans that the company currently offers its consumers.

In today’s article, we take a look at Jio booster packs that users can avail of on top of their existing Jio plans to avail extra data allowance. Earlier, all the Jio data plans were to be used alongside your existing Jio recharge plan. However, they’re also used to be a single Rs 251 Work from the Home pack that could be used as a standalone plan. This Jio booster recharge was useful for people who do not make calls at all and basically use their phones as a wireless hotspot. For such users, the company has added two more packs priced at Rs 151 and Rs 201.

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Jio 4G Data Booster Plans With Up to 240GB data, OTT Benefits

Jio currently offers 8 4G data plans for its consumers with prices starting from just Rs 11 – going up to Rs 251.

We have listed all 8 4G data vouchers currently available for Jio prepaid users below.

  1. Rs 11 Jio Data Booster Plan
  2. Rs 21 Jio Data Booster Plan
  3. Rs 51 Jio Data Booster Plan
  4. Rs 101 Jio Data Booster Plan
  5. Rs 151 Work from Home Pack
  6. Rs 201 Work from Home Pack
  7. Rs 251 Work from Home Pack
  8. Rs 549 Cricket Pack

Let us take a closer look at each of these 4G data plans in detail

Rs 11 Jio 4G Data Booster Plan

The most affordable 4G data plan currently offered by Jio, this little voucher offers users 1GB of data over and above the data allocated to your main recharge plan. The voucher does not come with any call or SMS benefits.

Rs 21 Jio 4G Data Booster Plan

Another relatively affordable 4G data voucher from Jio is the Rs 21 plan that offers 2GB of unlimited data (not restricted to a single day). This data plan could prove to be extremely beneficial if you run out of your daily data allowance and only need an additional 2GB of data. What is good about this plan is that you can avail of what is left of the 2GB plan throughout the entirety of the validity period of your main Jio plan.

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Rs 51 Jio 4G Data Booster Plan

The Jio 51 recharge plan is for users who suddenly find themselves in need of a few GB worth of additional data due to unforeseen circumstances (say working from home for a week). Like other plans in this list, this data plan needs to be used in tandem with your existing Jio plan.

Rs 101 Jio 4G Data Booster Plan

The Rs 101 4G data voucher from Jio offers 12GB of data over and above what is offered as part of your daily data allowance.  Like the other three data plans we have listed above, this one needs to be used alongside your normal recharge plan. The validity of the data offered as part of this data plan is tied to the validity of your existing plan.

Rs 151 Jio Work from Home Pack

This is a new plan from Jio that offers customers 30GB of data for a validity period of 30 days. This simply means that the Jio data renew time will be 30 days. This pack does not offer any voice benefits. Post exhaustion of your data, the speed will be reduced to 64Kbps.

Rs 201 Jio Work from Home Pack

Next, we have the more expensive Rs 201 work from home pack that offers the same 30-day validity period as the Rs 151 pack but comes with 40GB of data. Again, we see that post exhaustion of data, the speeds shall be reduced to 64Kbps.

Rs 251 Jio Work from Home Pack

The most expensive 4G data plan on offer from Jio, the Rs 251 data voucher offers 50GB of data with a validity of 30 days. This pack was earlier known as the Cricket Pack and offered a longer validity period (51 days) for users and 2GB of data per day. That, as you are already aware, is no longer the case.

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Rs 549 Cricket Pack

This 4G data voucher from Reliance Jio comes with interesting features. Known as Cricket Pack, it comes with a price tag of Rs 549 and brings one year of free Disney+ Hostar Mobile subscription. The data plan also offers 1.5GB of data per day and comes with a validity of 56 days. This makes a grand total of 84GB of data for the entire validity period. The pack is perfect for those who want to enjoy Cricket matches on their smartphones.

Details of all Jio 4G Data Plans and OTT Benefits they Offer

Jio Booster Pack or VoucherValidityData AllowanceBenefits
Rs 11As per existing plan1 GBN/A
Rs 21As per existing plan2GBN/A
Rs 51As per existing plan6GBN/A
Rs 101As per existing plan12GBN/A
Rs 151 Work from Home Pack30 Days30GBN/A
Rs 201 Work from Home Pack30 Days40GBN/A
Rs 251 Work from Home Pack30 Days50GBN/A
Rs 549 Cricket Pack56 Days84GBFree Disney+ Hotstar VIP, Jio TV and Jio Cinema subscription

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