Wedding Captions for Instagram: 160+ Best Captions to Make Your Wedding Posts Shine

From heartfelt quotes to funny and romantic lines, these captions will help you capture and share the joy of your wedding with your followers.


Your wedding day is a cherished milestone filled with love, joy, and beautiful memories. It’s a celebration of two hearts intertwining, a moment that deserves to be captured and shared with the world. To complement those stunning wedding photos on Instagram, we have curated an extensive collection of over 180 of the best wedding captions. From heartfelt sentiments to lighthearted humour, these captions are designed to encapsulate the essence of your special day and enhance the beauty of your pictures.

So, whether you’re a bride, groom, or guest, these captions will provide the perfect touch to accompany your wedding photos, allowing you to relive the magic and share it with your loved ones, near and far. Get ready to showcase your wedding memories in style with these captivating captions.

Best Wedding Captions for Instagram

Free vector valentine's background design

  1. Dream wedding. 
  2. Match made in heaven. 
  3. Made for each other. 
  4. In love with the love of my life. 
  5. Married the love of my life. 
  6. Married my best friend. 
  7. Just married. 
  8. Happy marital life. 
  9. Happy married life. 
  10. Wedding bliss.

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Wedding Vibes Captions for Instagram

Free photo look from the outside at wedding couple kissing in the window

  1. Wedding vibes
  2. Marital vibes
  3. Proper wedding vibes. 
  4. Vibing at my wedding. 
  5. Marriage vibes
  6. This wedding has good vibes. 
  7. Soaking in the vibes at this wedding. 
  8. Max vibes at this wedding. 
  9. Vibes of love at this wedding. 
  10. Love rules. 

Indian Wedding Captions for Instagram

Free vector indian wedding character collection

  1. The big fat Indian wedding. 
  2. A big fat Indian wedding. 
  3. Wedding of the year. 
  4. Wedding of the century. 
  5. A proper Indian wedding. 
  6. Shaadi mubarak. 
  7. Zindagi ka safar tumhare saath. 
  8. You complete me. 
  9. Indian vibes at this big fat wedding. 
  10. Indian wedding of the year. 

Wedding Captions for Instagram for Friends

Free vector indian wedding character pack

  1. My best friend’s wedding. 
  2. My bestie’s wedding. 
  3. My best friend is getting married. 
  4. My bestie is getting married. 
  5. Only love for my friend at his wedding. 
  6. Max love for my bestie at his wedding. 
  7. Bestie vibes at this wedding. 
  8. My best friend is getting married today. 
  9. Can’t keep calm, it’s my best friend’s wedding. 
  10. It’s my bestie’s wedding – time to party!

Sister Wedding Captions for Instagram

Free vector illustration with wedding couple theme

  1. It’s my sister’s wedding. 
  2. My sister is getting married. 
  3. I can’t keep calm, it’s my sister’s wedding. 
  4. It’s my sister’s marriage, I can’t stay calm. 
  5. Dear sister – lots of love on your wedding day. 
  6. May your marital life be full of bliss dear sister. 
  7. My sister is getting married today. 
  8. It’s my sister’s marriage hence I am so happy today. 
  9. It’s my sister’s wedding – time to celebrate. 
  10. My sister is getting married – time to make merry. 

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Pre-Wedding Captions for Instagram

Free vector fun pack of flat wedding labels

  1. You’re getting married – best of luck. 
  2. Best of luck on your impending marriage. 
  3. Your wedding is coming up – good luck. 
  4. Hope your married life is full of bliss. 
  5. The wedding of the year is coming up. 
  6. Marriage party-incoming. 
  7. Incoming wedding celebrations. 
  8. Time to party -your wedding’s coming up. 
  9. You’re getting married – time to party. 
  10. Your wedding is coming up – let’s make merry. 

Best Friend Wedding Captions for Instagram

110+ Delightful Wedding Wishes for Friend | Marriage Day Wishes

  1. It’s my bestie’s wedding. 
  2. My best friend is getting married. Time to party. 
  3. Only love for my best friend at your wedding. 
  4. Dear bestie – may your marital life be full of bliss. 
  5. My best friend has found his life partner and I couldn’t be happier. 
  6. Dear bestie – best of luck for your wedding. 
  7. My best friend’s wedding – and I am ready to party. 
  8. Dear bestie – only love for you at your wedding. 
  9. My best friend is getting married – time to celebrate.
  10. Best friend’s wedding is an occasion to celebrate. 

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Brother Wedding Captions for Instagram

Free vector hand drawn asian couple illustration

  1. Dear brother – wishing you many years of marital bliss. 
  2. Dear brother – may you have all the good vibes at your wedding. 
  3. My brother is getting married – I can’t keep calm. 
  4. I can’t keep calm, my brother is getting hitched. 
  5. May you have all the success in your marriage, dear brother. 
  6. Dear brother – you’re getting hitched. Best of luck. 
  7. My brother’s wedding today and I can’t keep calm. 
  8. I can’t stop dancing, it’s my brother’s wedding. 
  9. Dear brother – never stop partying. Happy married life. 
  10. Hope your married life is a party – happy married life dear brother. 

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Wedding Captions for Instagram for Guest

Free vector selfie photo composition with people and celebration symbols flat vector illustration

  1. To all the guests at my wedding – welcome. 
  2. Dear guests at my wedding – eat, drink and be merry. 
  3. Celebrate dear guests, it’s my wedding. 
  4. To all my wedding guests- celebrate. 
  5. It’s time to party, dear guests, it’s my wedding. 
  6. To all the esteemed guests at my wedding – welcome. 
  7. Dear guests – welcome to my wedding. 
  8. Dear guests- let’s party, it’s my wedding. 
  9. I’m getting married. Let’s celebrate. 
  10. Dear guests – let’s dance our socks off at my wedding. 

Family Wedding Captions for Instagram

Indian wedding characters

  1. My family is the best. 
  2. My family is precious. 
  3. I want my family at my wedding. 
  4. Having family attend my wedding is priceless. 
  5. I want my family on my big day. 
  6. Dear family – thank you for attending my wedding. 
  7. Dear family- thank you for showing up on my big day. 
  8. Having family at my wedding is awesome. 
  9. Dear family – I’d love to have you at my wedding. 
  10. Family is special – having them at your wedding is priceless. 

Wedding Season Captions for Instagram

Free vector set of just married couple

  1. Wedding season is here-let’s party. 
  2. It’s the season to make merry. 
  3. Wedding season doesn’t need a reason to party. 
  4. It’s party time – it’s your wedding. 
  5. Wedding season -a time to party. 
  6. Wedding season – a time to celebrate. 
  7. Weddings – a time to dance, drink and let your hair down. 
  8. Weddings are incomplete without song and dance. 
  9. Wedding season – let’s celebrate. 
  10. Wedding time – it’s party time. 

Cousin Wedding Captions for Instagram

100+ Of The Best Funny Wedding Wishes | Truly Experiences

  1. Dear cousin – wishing you the very best on your wedding day. 
  2. On your wedding day dear cousin, I wish you nothing but the best. 
  3. Dear cousin – all the best, you’re getting married today. 
  4. I can’t keep calm because it’s my cousin’s wedding. 
  5. Dear cousin, let’s get you married. 
  6. Cousin’s wedding is a time to celebrate. 
  7. It’s party time – my cousin is getting married. 
  8. Dear cousin – you’re getting married today. I wish you all the best. 
  9. To my favourite cousin on his wedding day – best of luck and lots of love.
  10. Dearest cousin-let’s get you married in style. 

Wedding Photo Captions for Instagram

Free photo hands of indian bride and groom intertwined together making authentic wedding ritual

  1. This wedding photo radiates love. 
  2. Look at this lovely wedding photo. 
  3. The couple in their wedding photo, looking radiant. 
  4. The couple, glowing in their wedding photo. 
  5. This wedding photo has the couple looking so good. 
  6. This wedding photo is the wedding photo of the year. 
  7. And now, here’s presenting the couple of the decade. 
  8. This lovely wedding photo has max vibes. 
  9. The couple is looking amazing in their wedding photo. 
  10. This wedding photo of the couple looks amazing. 

Married Couple Captions for Instagram

Free vector watercolor wedding bride and groom

  1. Been married for 10 years but it feels like just yesterday. 
  2. I married my best friend. 
  3. Couple of the year. 
  4. Couple in love. 
  5. Lovebirds. 
  6. My wife, my life. 
  7. My hubs bubs. 
  8. I married my bestie. 
  9. My best friend is my wife. 
  10. My husband is my best friend. 

Bride Captions for Instagram

Free vector pop art bride in wedding dress with bouquet

  1. Bridezilla. 
  2. Bride of the year. 
  3. Glowing bride. 
  4. Shy bride. 
  5. Beautiful bride. 
  6. Look at this radiant bride. 
  7. Look at this stunning bride. 
  8. You make for a gorgeous bride. 
  9. You are glowing in your wedding dress. 
  10. You are radiant like the moon in your wedding dress. 

Funny Wedding Captions for Instagram

Free vector just married couple in motorcycle avatars characters

  1. Me and a fan.
  2. Me and my biggest fan. 
  3. The royal wedding. 
  4. Do we look married? 
  5. Do our outfits make us look married? 
  6. Fighting since <enter date>
  7. Together since <enter date>
  8. At each other’s throats since <enter date>
  9. My ride or die for life. Seriously, it’s legal.
  10. Don’t veil me now

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Romantic Wedding Captions for Couples

Free vector silhouette of couple kissing on a heart background

  1. You are my lifeline. 
  2. I can’t live without you. 
  3. Life without you would be painful. 
  4. It would be so boring without you. 
  5. Dear partner – thank you for everything. 
  6. Falling in love with you everyday. 
  7. Everyday, my love for you increases a little bit more. 
  8. Falling in love with your soul. 
  9. Dear soul-mate. 
  10. You are my soul-mate. 

Heartfelt Wedding Captions for Couples

Free photo red heart on a wooden table with a line in the middle

  1. My wife is my life.
  2. Dear husband-thank you for everything. 
  3. My husband, my lifeline. 
  4. Can’t live without you. 
  5. Can’t breathe without you. 
  6. You are an important part of me. 
  7. My heart goes out to you, dear husband. 
  8. Dear wife – thank you for being my lifeline.
  9. We are a couple in love. 
  10. Falling in love with you everytime I see your face. 

Traditional Wedding Captions

Free vector indian wedding concept illustration

  1. A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you
  2. Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.
  3. I fell for you, and it wasn’t even gravity. 
  4. This is a traditional wedding. 
  5. Traditional wedding bliss. 
  6. I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone
  7. I want to be with you in this life and the next. 
  8. In this life or the next, all I want is you. 
  9. Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.
  10. True love stories never have endings