BGMI Ban: Towqeer Esports Director Says Chances of Game Returning is 95%


A few weeks ago, the popular battle royale game, BGMI was abruptly taken down from Google Play Store and App Store in India. Later, it was reported that the game was banned under the same provisional law which was used to ban PUBG Mobile in the country. Apparently, it seems that the decision can be reverted soon which means BGMI will make a return soon as per some popular individuals in the community.

The latest spotlight is from Towqeer Gilkar, Co-founder and Owner of Stalwart Esports, who has shed some light on the game’s return in one of his recent Instagram Live sessions. He also posted a story on his Instagram handle regarding the same. Towqeer is one of the prominent individuals in the esports community and apparently, he has several connections with the game developers. As a reason, it may be believed that the game can be back soon.

Towqeer, Stalwart Esports Co-Founder Speaks on BGMI Ban

bgmi ban
Snippet via Towqeer’s Instagram Handle

Towqeer went Live on his Instagram handle which was joined by many fans. He spoke about a variety of topics, but most of them wanted him to comment on BGMI’s return. Replying to the questions asked by his fans, he stated, “I think in less than a month.”

Asserting more information about the topic, he added, “The game will be back sooner than you expect. There was a very good meeting that happened between some important people. I was there and we tried to collaborate and put some personal efforts into it and it went really good. So most probably it will be back soon.”

As per the statements made by Towqeer, he seemingly has attended a meeting with a few important people who discussed the game’s state. He mentioned that the meeting went well as everyone tried to put in their best efforts. As the meeting got concluded on a positive note, he believes that the game will be back soon. Later, he posted a story on his IG handle which speaks about the game’s comeback.

In the story, he noted that somebody had earlier inquired about the likelihood of the game’s return, to which he responded that he was 80% certain. However, following the meeting, he increased the chances of BGMI making a comeback to 95%. His Instagram story has relieved Battlegrounds Mobile India players and fans who wish to see the game return in the coming days.

Maxtern, a popular content creator in India, for Team Godlike, also took it to his twitter handle and commented that the game would be back sooner than expected. Earlier, Shiv Nandy, SkyEsports CEO, mentioned that the game would be back and he was 100% certain on the game’s return. Krafton also spoke on the issue in a conference call to discuss the business’s quarterly profits. It was said that they were working with the concerned authorities prioritizing the service based solid security standards. Sadly, neither the game’s developer nor the Indian government have commented on the purpose for the temporary suspension.

On the contrary, Few people have already started playing other popular titles like New State Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile. 8 Bit Thug, also mentioned that New State is the future of Esports. He affirmed the fans to stop waiting for BGMI and start grinding in the New State Mobile. Several tournaments have also been under progress surrrounding these titles.

However, The Government has not issued an official statement on the game’s ban till date. Moreover, the game’s official website is still being accessible and it is not blocked. As a result, there is a chance that the game will return to the Play Store soon; even so, this will only happen if Krafton meets the standards set by the Indian government.