BGMI Open Challenge 2022 Bans Teams for Not Following Rules, Leaderboards and New Weapon Skin Announced

A total of 42 teams have now been banned from the tournament.


Krafton has just announced a list of 42 teams that have been banned from the BGMI Open Challenge (BMOC). The teams have been banned as a result of violations of the BMOC Rulebook, specifically Sections 2.1.5, 3.2, and 6.2.4 as well as the Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge Code of Conduct.

  • Rule 2.1.5 Single Team Exclusivity.
    A Team Member or coach is only allowed to compete for the one Team that they have an agreement with. A Team Member or coach will not be allowed to compete for more than one Team simultaneously and therefore cannot be listed on the roster of more than one.

3.2. Submission of the Roster and Team Registration

  • Before the start of any Official Competition, each Team must register its roster using the tools provided by KRAFTON or Tournament Organizer. Once the registration period ends, the roster will be locked. Substitutions or roster changes may be allowed only in exigent circumstances per the sole discretion of KRAFTON and Tournament Organizer. The use of unapproved players or substitutes is strictly prohibited.

6.2.4. Ringing

  • Playing under another player’s account or Gamer Tag, or soliciting or inducing someone else to play under another player’s account or Gamer Tag, is prohibited.

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42 Teams Disqualified from the BGMI Open Challenge, New Skins Announced


List of teams banned from the BMOC:

  1. Won’t Forgive
  2. Panicless Official
  3. OfficialXIna
  4. InaxOfficial
  5. Able Esports
  6. Team StrawHats
  7. Zero Patience
  8. INF
  9. Optical India
  10. UDT Esports
  11. Rising Decades of Zen
  12. Team Zen
  13. OS Retribution
  14. Team Conquerors
  15. DarkSkyz
  16. ESR Esports
  17. IZAK
  18. LeafX
  19. MCYS
  20. Strange Esports
  21. OOO Wala Team
  22. Team Ultima
  23. Unstoppable Veterans
  24. Rising Ldrago
  25. UIXVCU
  26. ELFXR4G
  27. Opportunity Esports
  28. ORB Officials
  29. No Limits Official
  30. DragonX247
  31. Team Dyno
  32. Wok Officials
  33. Dreamers
  34. 1SG
  35. Team Gold
  36. Team Outset
  37. OS Esports
  38. Liquid Gaming
  39. Champion Penguin Team
  40. Rising Tides
  41. Raw Aggression
  42. IYD Retribution


These teams will no longer be playing in the BGMI Open Challenge. Team Panicless Official was singled out earlier and banned from the BGMI Open Challenge due to the usage of illicit applications and actions.

As for the game, BGMI, it is all set to receive a new skin for the M16A4, the Skeletal Core. The new skin will be available for purchase from the in-game Store from 27 April, 2022.