BGMI Esports Roadmap 2022 Announced: 4 Major Tournaments in the Bag

Krafton has just announced 4 major tournaments for 2022.


2021 was a rather successful year for BGMI esports with tournaments like the iQoo Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BMIS) raking in some pretty impressive numbers, audience-wise. To keep that momentum going, Krafton has just unveiled a roadmap for BGMI esports in 2022.

A total of 4 major tournaments will be held by Krafton in 2022 with a collective prize pool of Rs 6 crore. Kicking things off will be the BMOC – Open Challenge, followed by BMPS (Pro Series) Season 1, after which, we will finally have BMIS – India Series, the second iteration of the tournament.

Registrations for BMOC (Open Challenge) will begin towards the end of February followed by in-game qualifiers towards the end of March.

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Krafton Confirms 4 Major BGMI Esports Tournaments for 2022

 The BMPS Season 1 and Season 1 will have a Rs 2 Crore prize pool. each. As per Krafton, this will be the biggest prize pool for a single esports event in India. This only goes to show that Krafton mean business when it comes to developing a solid base for esports in India when it comes to BGMI.

BMIS 2021 was a great success, with each stage attracting a large audience and showcasing some of the best competitive BGMI gameplay ever seen. In the end, Skylightz Gaming was crowned the inaugural champions of the BGMI India Series.

Krafton also shared some of the most impressive figures racked up by BGMI India Series 2021, which saw a peak concurrent viewership of over 493,000. The tournament, as a whole, garnered over 200 million views, which is a major feat for an esports tournament in India.

Capitalizing on this wave of momentum, Krafton will aim to provide esports audiences with plenty of more tournaments of all kinds. It will be interesting to see how things will shape up in the BMOC, which kicks off only weeks from now.