BGMI India Return May Be Sooner Than Expected, Says Maxtern

Maxtern has claimed that BGMI will be back soon in the Indian Gaming market.


It has been more than two weeks since BGMI got abruptly taken down from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Several influencers are suggesting fans stay optimistic and wait for the game’s return. The latest spotlight is from Maxtern as he claimed that the BGMI has a high chance of coming back soon! Though, the tweet made may be a personal take on the entire scheme of things. We expect clarity on the status of BGMI in the coming weeks.

For those unaware, Maxtern is one of the renowned YouTubers and influencers in the Indian Gaming Community. The Govt. has not issued any official announcement on the game’s ban or removal from virtual storefronts, but numerous media reports tell otherwise.

The reported ban of BGMI has been a serious concern for numerous content creators, professional players and individuals who are heavily invested in the game are the most affected. While players are expecting the game to make a comeback to its prior phase, few have shifted to other titles like New State Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, FF Max etc.

Maxtern Claims BGMI’s Return to the Country Soon

BGMI Ban India

Maxtern, content creator for Team Godlike has tweeted that BGMI has high chances of coming back soon as per sources close to him. BGMI was taken down from the app stores on 28 July 2021 without any prior notice. But, a Google spokesperson stated that they have taken down the app following the government’s order and they have notified the developer before the action was taken. Initially, Krafton’s statement mentioned that they had been following all the regulations and compliant with all the Indian laws and promised to continue abiding the needed further.

Maxtern’s tweet reads, “According to the sources, BGMI has a high chance of coming back soon!” Looking at the tweet, BGMI’s return seems possible as Krafton recently mentioned that they are working with the concerned authorities on the allegations made of the security breach.

The content creator has assured the game’s return but has not given a particular date. Skyesports CEO, Shiva Nandy stated the BGMI’s ban is temporary and will be back 100% since Tiktok is reportedly set to make a comeback in the country. He also stated that Krafton has been notified before the game got taken down. Shiva also mentioned that BGMI’s suspension had been in process for 5 months and was not a spontaneous move. As per his statement, Krafton was sent a interim order before the government made their move to take down the game.

At the time of writing, no particular individual actually knows the status of the game. Moreover, the Government had not passed any official announcements on the game’s ban. Hence, fans should take this message with a grain of salt until an official statement comes out. Fans would have to wait for a few more days and remain optimistic about the game’s arrival.