BGMI Developer Krafton Announces Hardware Bans: Smartphones Used to Cheat Won’t be Able to Play BGMI Anymore

This might be the strongest measure against cheating taken by Krafton.


Cheating has been a growing concern in BGMI as of late, and despite the large number of bans each week, players continue to have their experience ruined by players cheating in games. As perhaps the strongest response to cheating yet in BGMI, Krafton has now confirmed that cheaters will face device bans if caught cheating.

The application of this additional measure will be live today, December 24, 2022. “If the use of illegal programs is detected with a mobile device by the newly applied security logic,” states the notice by Krafton. “The device will be permanently banned from using BGMI.” Perhaps this could be the perfect anti-cheat solution that BGMI has so desperately needed to curb cheating in the game.

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Krafton confirms device bans in BGMI

 Krafton has been fairly active when it comes to taking measures against cheating in the game, but so far, it didn’t seem like it was making much of a difference. Device bans, however, is a far more permanent solution than just giving sanctions to the accounts, but the threat of a device ban might just give pause to players before they use any third-party programs to cheat.

“Up until now sanctions were given only to the accounts, but now the mobile devices will be banned as well, making fair gameplay far more effective,” states Krafton. It will be interesting to see how the player base responds to this new measure as there is always the probability of there being a lot of collateral damage with measures as strong as these.

Collateral damage, in this case, means that occasionally players can be wrongfully accused of cheating. It is likely that Krafton will allow players to appeal their case and try and get their device of the ban list of they are wrongfully accused of cheating.