BGMI: Today is the Last Day to Transfer Data from Previous PUBG Mobile Account

Today is the last day to complete data transfer from PUBG Mobile.

BGMI Data Transfer

Krafton has confirmed that today is the last date for PUBG Mobile players to transfer their data to BGMI. The data transfer closeout will happen on 31, 2021, at 23:59:59 (UTC). Players who still haven’t transferred their data from the previous app but wish to do so can complete the transfer by midnight.

Transfer of data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI includes basic info, season rewards, mission progress and more. Certain data such as messages, in-game friends, rankings, and clan data cannot be transferred to the new game from the previous app. Players can use the Account Data Transfer function to use either account such as Twitter to transfer data to the new app. Refer our to our complete data transfer guide (linked here) for help on how to successfully transfer data from PUBG Mobile to BGMI.

Data Transfer Closeout for BGMI scheduled for midnight


Post-September 28th, players have not been able to transfer their data from the linked Facebook account. Thus, if the player’s data was linked to their Facebook account, it cannot be recovered now. Login through Facebook has also been disabled in BGMI, unless, the player has the Facebook app downloaded on their phone. This issue is specific to Android devices as iOS users can still log in through Facebook without the app.

Players can still transfer their data from PUBG Mobile should the account have been linked to their Twitter account. Krafton has routinely reminded players to transfer their data in case they needed to, before December 31, 2021. Should the players not have done so, they will need to start from scratch in BGMI, which might result in a lot of work.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently in a precarious state as the player base seems to be clamouring after a Lite version of the game, while the current game is plagued by cheaters and hackers. Krafton has been working on a stronger anti-cheat solution for a while now, but it looks like it might still need a lot of work.

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