BGMI Lite Version Could be Launched Soon, Official Poll Suggests

Let's take a look at more details around the possible release of BGMI Lite in India


[Update: November 29,2021]: BGMI’s official Discord channel just posted a new survey that asks players a number of questions regarding their exact reasons as to why they want BGMI Lite. Additionally, one particular question asks players if they had played PUBG Mobile Lite and whether they had spent any money in the in-game store.

This development suggests that Krafton are currently gathering solid, workable feedback in order to better understand exactly what players will require in a Lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Original Story follows: 

Battlegrounds Mobile India could get a “Lite” version very soon. The developers have teased to be working on the Lite version of BGMI on the official Discord channel. It could be possible that the Lite version of the popular battle royale could launch soon in India as PUBG Mobile Lite has been banned in the country. Prior to its ban, PUBG Mobile Lite was very popular among users with low-end devices. The game had almost the same set of features but offered lower graphics. There is no word on the BGMI Lite app release date. However, following the teaser poll, we can expect developers to release the app soon. 

BGMI Lite incoming?

The official Discord channel of BGMI has asked players why they wanted a Lite version of the app to be released. It includes four poll options for players to choose from:

  • I can’t play BGMI on my low-end device.
  • I can play BGMI, but I’ll have better frame rates and performance in Lite version on my device.
  • I spent money in Lite version and want to transfer my data/inventory
  • I like the maps and Skins in Lite version.

Although it is just a poll, Krafton might actually be working on the Lite version of the app. Popular eSports gamer Abhijeet “Ghatak” stated (via SportsKeeda) that the Lite version of Battlegrounds Mobile India could arrive by the end of December or sooner.

If launched, BGMI Lite is likely to have the same set of hardware and software requirements required for PUBG Mobile Lite. These include a minimum of 1GB of RAM, about 600MB of free storage and the device should run at least Android 4.0.3. It is unknown if the Lite app will be made available on iOS upon launch. The PUBG Mobile Lite app also included smaller maps with 60 players in each

As of now, there is no official word from Krafton around the BGMI Lite app other than the poll on the Discord channel.