BGMI: This is Why Low-End Device Players Shouldn’t Use AKM, Groza, and M762

Probably best to stay away from 7.62 weapons on low-end devices.


We’ve all been there in BGMI wherein a seemingly easy kill is robbed from us simply because the weapon and the device we’re using seem to be at odds with one another. Perhaps no other single factor is more crucial to determining the outcome of a might more so than recoil, and quite often, higher-end devices usually have an edge in that regard.

Simply, a device that offers better/higher framerates will be able to adjust to the recoil and allow the player to readjust their aim quickly and frequently as opposed to lower-end devices. Simply because lower-end devices will skip crucial frames needed to readjust, causing a loss of important information – leading to poor aim, and most often – defeat in close encounters.

Typically in BGMI, weapons that employ 7.62 ammo deal out the highest amount of damage, but on the flipside, the also come with the highest amount of recoil.

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Hilarious video demonstrates exactly why BGMI players on low-end devices should avoid high-recoil weapons

This is why low-end device player should not use 7.62 guns from BGMI

This video by u/KachaKhiladiArybapry perfectly captures the feeling of extreme disappointment when faced with the issue as 7.62 weapons are generally very effecting up close or even at mid-range. The problem with 7.62 weapons in BGMI is the fact that their effectiveness drops off dramatically with the increase in range as compensating for recoil often requires more than just skill.

Low-end devices, because of their tendency to skip frames, or simply freeze during such encounters can often fail to deliver in situations such as in the video. Thus, if BGMI players are indeed playing on low-end devices, they should try and avoid guns that use 7.62 ammo, namely:

  • AKM
  • MK47 Mutant
  • M762


Sniper Rifles and DMRs that use 7.62 are still pretty useful as their slow rate of fire negates the affect of recoil as players aren’t going to be popping off shots in quick succession. Thus, any weapon with a high rate of fire and 7.62 is to be avoided like the plague in BGMI, on low-end devices. Given just the limitations of hardware, it is probably best for Krafton to soon release a BGMI-Lite version alongside the game, as was previously available for PUBG Mobile in the form of PUBG Mobile Lite.