BGMI Open Challenge (BMOC) Round 4 Day 1 Results are Out: Global Esports and 5 Other Teams En Route to BMPS

BMOC Round 4 Day 1 has come to an end successfully. A total of 6 teams including Global Esports, Hydra official, and other 4 underdog teams have made it to the BMPS Season 1 which is set to commence on May 19.


Today marks the end of BMOC Round 4 day 1 in which the audience has witnessed some of the power-packed fights from 16 teams of Group 1. After 6 matches, Global Esports along with the other 5 teams have made it to the BMPS.

BMOC round 4 is scheduled to take place from May 11-14, 2022 in which 32 qualified teams from round 3 online qualifiers would compete against 32 directly invited teams. A total of 64 teams will be seeded into 4 groups (8 teams per group) and each group will play 6 matches on the assigned dates. The top 6 teams from each group will get qualified for IQOO Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1 which is set to commence on May 19. Let us look at the overall standings of BMOC Round 4 Day 1.

BMOC Round 4 Day 1 Participating Teams (Group 1)

Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India, YT

Here are the teams participating in BMOC Round 4 Day 1:

  • The Unstoppables
  • Team P6
  • GOG Esports
  • Bhule Bhatke
  • Initiative Academy
  • Faith
  • Elite squad
  • Team Oneknockpush
  • Orangutan Esports
  • Global Esports
  • Big Brother Esports
  • Chemin Esports
  • Team Mayhem
  • Team INS
  • Revenge Esports
  • Hydra Official

Post-Match Winners


bmoc round 4 day 1 results
Image via esportsamaze, Instagram

The first match of the day was played on Erangel and was won by Global Esports with a massive total of 24 finishes.

The second match of the Day 1 was played on the desert map, Miramar which was claimed by Big Brother Esports with 9 finishes.

Initiative Academy is the one who won the third match which was played on the Sanhok map with 8 finishes.

Initiative Academy again emerged victorious in the fourth match with 11 finishes.

The fifth match of the Day was claimed by Big Brother Esports again 7 finishes.

It was Hydra official who won the final match of the day with 12 finish points.

Qualified Teams to BMPS from BMOC R4 Group 1

  1. Global Esports – 109 points
  2. Big Brother Esports – 81 points
  3. Initiative Academy – 66 points
  4. Team INS – 63 points
  5. Hydra Official – 62 points
  6. GOG Esports 42 points

Day 2 of the IQOO Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge 2022 powered by Loco is scheduled to take place on May 12, 2022, in which Group B Teams will compete with each other. The teams will be announced on the LIVE stream itself. Tune in for the LIVE stream which would start from 4:30 PM IST on the official Battlegrounds Mobile India Youtube Channel.

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