BGMI Permanently Bans 71,116 Accounts Between December 27 and Jan 2: All You Need to Know

Over 70k players permanently banned in the span of 1 week.


BGMI has iterated repeatedly that it plans to crack down hard on cheaters with sanctions, bans, and soon enough, device bans as well. Between December 27 and January 2 2022, it looks like the devs have banned 71,116 accounts permanently from Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). The number was shared by the devs in a recent blog post, along with an entire list of the names of the accounts banned.

Cheating and the use of illegal 3rd party apps to gain an unfair advantage in BGMI has been the single biggest deterrent for the game as many players have quit simply because of not being able to find a lobby that is free of cheating. Bans and sanctions go a long way in ensuring a safe and level playing field but stronger measures such as device bans might be far more effective.

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BGMI devs ban over 70k players permanently

Despite Krafton relentless efforts against cheaters, the increasing amount of cheaters banned every month is a sign that perhaps stronger measures need to be introduced. Strong measures, in this case, would be a hardware/device ban, which Krafton has put in place since December 24 2022. However, in the blog post, the devs haven’t detailed if the permanent ban equates to a hardware/device ban.

Strong measures such as hardware bans often result in a lot of collateral damage as players not guilty can accidentally receive bans. An appeal system is usually put in place for banned players to appeal their case and get off the banned list. A similar anti-cheat solution will likely be implemented in BGMI in the near future.

So far, BGMI has been a success, with plenty of great updates and content making its way to the game. Alongside the game, the esports scene also looks promising with the first major Krafton tournament, iQOO Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 well into its Quarter Final Stage, and heading for an amazing Grand Finale.