BGMI Permanently Bans 70,543 Accounts from January 3 to 9: Provides Entire List of Cheaters

The number of bans continue to increase week after week.


Keeping in line with the devs’ intention of maintaining a level playing field in BGMI, Krafton has banned 70,543 more accounts between January 3 and January 9, 2022. The devs have shared in a blog post that these accounts have been permanently banned from playing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

While this is a positive development, on one hand, it also means that the number of cheaters in the game continues to increase. The devs have been consistently sharing sanctions against cheaters for a while now, and the number of bans has only been increasing.

Despite the notice of hardware bans being introduced in BGMI, cheaters continue to plague the Battlegrounds. Perhaps this indicates that even more severe measures must be introduced in order to have a playing field in the game.

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70k More Accounts Permanently Banned from BGMI in One Week

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In the same blog post, the devs have also shared the names of the players that have received the ban. It is imperative for a game as popular in the country as BGMI to have a level playing field that is devoid of cheaters, but that looks like a pretty tough goal right now.

To achieve that goal, BGMI players must also remain vigilant and report suspicious players that exhibit signs of using cheats. Banning players to this degree often results in some amount of collateral damage as players not cheating can often fall under the axe occasionally.

On PC, the anti-cheat solution is far easier to implement as additional software can be put in place to sus out cheaters. However, as of late, even anti-cheat software have been compromised due to the sophistication of cheat software being used.

It will be interesting to see if the devs share additional data relating to how many players have been given a device ban yet. So far, the devs haven’t explicitly shared that information.