BGMI Player and Streamer Jonathan Addressed the Issue of the Future of the Game


The abrupt suspension of the massively popular game, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has left Indian pro players and gamers dejected. It was reported that BGMI is banned under the country’s IT laws due to sharing user data with Chinese-origin servers. Several renowned personalities in the community have been sharing their views on the Internet, and the latest spotlight is from Jonathan, a BGMI Esports athlete for Godlike Esports.

Jonathan is not only one of the best BGMI/PUBGM players in India, but also in the World. He is widely known for his insane gaming skills and mechanics. The sudden removal and media reports of the ban on BGMI in India have raised concerns over esports future in the country.

Many influencers have spoken over the concerns surrounding the game’s ban and unban which would have a huge impact on the Indian esports ecosystem. However, numerous streamers and gamers have shifted to PUBG: New State, Apex Legends Mobile etc.

BGMI Ban: Jonathan Calls out Krafton to Provide Clarity on Game’s Future

jonathan bgmi

Jonathan Jude Amaral tweets his concerns about the Krafton-backed game’s future in India. His tweet also calls out Krafton to respond to the issue in order to bring clarity to the situation.

It is evident that Krafton had not responded to the matter, as they have released a couple of official statements. While the latter statement has clarified the allegations related to security issues to some extent, the game’s comeback and availability in stores are still in question.

Jonathan insisted on an update on BGMI’s re-arrival as fans have been longing for it. His tweet reads, “As a BGMI esports athlete, I’m really concerned about the future of this game. I really want the people at Krafton to provide us with any update about this uncertainty. What’s next for all of us is a big question. #bgmi.”

The tweet not only complains about Krafton’s manque of transparency, but it also requests information about the future of Battlegrounds Mobile India esports in India. Earlier, Ghatak also called out Krafton to be answerable about the game’s sudden suspension. Following that, Krafton released a statement that they are working with the concerned authorities and urged the fans to hear from them. Industry experts also call out in favour of the execution of proper regulations and guidelines to avoid such sudden bans.

As of now, there is no official statement surrounding the game’s unban. Players have been hoping for a positive outcome considering Krafton’s second statement, but it’s still unclear whether the game will make it back or not.