BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) S1 League Stage Day 1 Results are Out: Team Soul Dominates the Table, Followed by Autobotz

The first day of the BGMI Pro Series Season 1 League Stage kicked off on May 19, 2022. Here are the overall standings of Day 1.


The first-ever Pro Series of BGMI i.e., Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 had been kicked off its League stage with Day 1. 24 teams qualified from BMOC Round 4 will now be seen in this major BGMI Event where the League stage will go on for three weeks. Day 1 of the BMPS League Stage has taken place and a total of 6 matches were played in a round-robin format.

At the end of the day, it was Team Soul who have shown aggressive gameplay and they have bagged 96 points in their four matches. The underdog team Autobotz Esports took second place with 69 points while securing a couple of WWCDs. Each team would get 4 matches per day as the League stage is set to play in Round-Robin Format. Here are the teams of three groups:

BMPS Season 1 League Stage Day 1 Participating Teams

bmps season 1 league stage day 1
Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India, YouTube

Group A

  • Global Esports
  • Hydra Officials
  • Team INS
  • Autobotz Esports
  • Retribution RTR
  • GOG Esports
  • Enigma Gaming
  • WSF Esports (We support Farmers, recently acquired by Esportswala)

Group B

  • OR Esports
  • Big Brother Esports
  • Initiative Academy
  • Walkouts
  • Blind Esports
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • ACBC Esports
  • Marcos Gaming

Group C

  • Hyderabad Hydras
  • Soul
  • XO
  • Kinetic Esports
  • R Esports
  • UP50 Esports
  • FS Esports
  • 7Sea Esports

BMPS S1 League Stage Day 1 Overall Standings

BMPS S1 day 1
Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India, YouTube

The first match of the League stage day 1 was played on Erangel and it was won by Autobotz Esports with a massive total of 13 kills.

Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India, YouTube

The second match of the day was played on the desert map, Miramar, and this match was claimed by Team FS Esports with 6 kills. Team Soul and ACBC Esports have dominated this match with 13 kills and 10 kills respectively.

The third match was played on Sanhok and the fan-favorite team Soul has secured the WWCD in this match with a whopping total of 14 finishes.

bmps s1 league stage day 1
Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India, YouTube

It was team Retribution RTR who emerged victorious in the fourth match with 8 finishes. But Team Hyderabad Hydras who was eliminated at the #2 spot had secured a total f 16 kills while Team Soul had 10 finishes under their name.

The fifth match of the day has seen Team Autobotz Esports winning again with 6 finishes, where OR Esports secured 10 kills.

Team Soul again dominated the final match of the day with 11 finishes where Big Brother Esports took 13 kills but were eliminated early.