BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 Day 9 Results are Out: Team OR Leads the Table, Followed by Soul

Here are the overall standings of BMPS Season 1 League Stage Week 3 Day 9.


The third week of the BGMI’s first-ever pro series has started with BMPS Season 1 Day 9. A total of 6 matches were played on the day and following its completion, Team OR Esports is still leading the table nearly 500 points and with 235 finishes.

Team Soul is now positioned at the #2 spot on the standings table with 391 points which are 100 points less than that of the table toppers. Team XO is following them closely where they stepped down to the third spot with 382 points. Nigma Galaxy has clinched the fourth spot with 340 points whereas Hydra Official and Global Esports are now placed in the fifth and sixth positions respectively.

Enigma Gaming has now arrived at the seventh position followed by Hyderabad Hydras. There are not many changes done on the second and third pages of the standings.

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BMPS Season 1 League Stage Day 9 Overall Standings

bmps season 1 day 9
Image via BGMI Esports

Global Esports had started the day with their win in the first match that was played on the Erangel map. The team secured 10 finishes in total and they eliminated XO at the second spot who had 4 kills. GOG Esports secured 15 kills in this match.

BMPs season 1
Image via BGMI Esports

The second match of the day was claimed by Marcos Gaming in which the team secured a total of 8 finishes. Autobotz were eliminated at the second spot with 10 kills and they got eliminated by the zone. BB Esports took 8 kills but were out from the match early.BMPs season 1 week 3 day 9

Fan-favorite team Soul has secured the win in the third match while eliminating the table-toppers who took 12 kills in this match. Team Soul had 4 kills under their name whereas Akshat’s final circle’s 1vs2 against OR had led them to claim their win.

Team Kinetic Esports had become the champions in the fourth match with a whopping 14-kill chicken dinner. Team Soul was eliminated at the second spot with 5 kills whereas Hyderabad Hydras was eliminated at the third spot with 11 kills.

Enigma Gaming took their first chicken dinner in the tournament by winning the fifth match of the day with 7 kills and they outplayed Esportswala at #2 spot with 10 kills.

Nigma Galaxy surprised everyone by winning the final match of the day as they took advantage of the fight between GOG Esports and Enigma Gaming. The team secured with 5 finishes whereas Enigma took 14 kills and GOG marked 9 finishes.

The second day of the third week of BMPS Season 1 will be broadcasted live on the official YT channels of BGMI, IQOO Esports, and BGMI Loco channel. Catch the LIVE at 4:30 PM IST to witness the top-notch BGMI action.