BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 Grand Finals Day 1 Results are Out: Team Soul Tops the Table, While OR Came Second

BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals Day 1 Concluded with Team Soul emerging as the table-toppers while OR Esports is in the second position.


After 12 days of intense league stage BGMI action, BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals Day 1 had arrived, where 16 teams qualified from the League stage are now competing in the finals. A total of 6 matches were played on Day 1, out of which Team Soul came on the top of the overall leaderboards with 81 points and 41 kills. The team had secured two chicken dinners on the day, which helped them to claim the top position.

OR Esports is the team that ranks at #2 on the points table with 71 points and 46 frags. OR didn’t have any CDs under their name but managed to grab that second spot. Enigma Gaming secured the third position with 66 points and 31 elimination points. Global Esports, FS Esports, and Hyderabad Hydras came in fourth, fifth, and sixth positions, respectively, with 1 Chicken Dinner each.

Team XO and Nigma Galaxy had not gone bad as they are not too far from the upper-placed teams. Hydra Official is at the fourteenth position with 27 overall points.

BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals Day 1 Overall Standings

bmps s1 finals day 1

Global Esports had kicked the day with their Chicken Dinner in the initial match that was played on Erangel. The team secured a total of 12 eliminations while eliminating OR in the final battle. OR esports had put nine kills under their name to grab the second spot on the list.

Bmps season 1 finals day 1
Image via BGMI Esports

Team Soul had taken control in the final circles of the second match, which helped them to win it with ten frags. Enigma Gaming had taken 12 kills while INS secured six eliminations. Hector from Soul alone took five kills in this match. However, Evoo from Enigma became the MVP of the match.

The third match of the day was also won by Team Soul with the same ten finishes. They claimed two consecutive Chicken Dinners, and they defeated XO in the final fight of the third match to claim their win. XO had a total of five frags under their name. Global Esports was eliminated early but managed to grab 11 finishes.

FS Esports emerged victorious in the fourth match of the day with a brilliant performance. The team clenched 13-kill Chicken Dinner on the snow map, Vikendi. Esportswala had secured seven frags while Hydra took three eliminations.

Hyderabad Hydras went berserk in the fifth match of the day and claimed a massive 20-kill chicken dinner. Nigma Galaxy was eliminated at the #2 position, and they secured nine kills while Global Esports came in top 3 with minimal gameplay.

Enigma Gaming marked a win on the first day by becoming champions of the final match with 13 eliminations. That’s a wrap of BMPS S1 Grand Finals Day 1. Team Soul should defend their spot while OR Esports tries to claim it as they are not too far from them. The second day will be broadcasted live on the official YT channels of BGMI and Loco channel, along with IQOO Esports on YouTube.