BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 Grand Finals Day 2 Concludes: Team Soul Carries its Top Form, Followed by Global Esports

The second day of the BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals had concluded successfully, with Team Soul emerging as the table toppers with 161 points. Global Esports is in second place with 128 points.


BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals day 2 has concluded successfully, and Team Soul again showed dominating gameplay while achieving the top place on the leaderboard. With half of the tournament over, the team garnered a total of 161 points, and 73 kills had contributed to it.

Global Esports with their brilliant gameplay, attained the second position with 128 points and 56 elimination points. Enigma Gaming and OR Esports secured the third and fourth positions on the leaderboard with 119 points and 114 points, respectively. Having shown minimal gameplay, FS Esports is now at the fifth position with 107 points.

Team XO‘s comeback is due to be made and they are now positioned at the seventh place. They are closely followed by Hyderabad Hydras with 91 points. Hydra Official also had not performed well, leading them to stay in the tenth position.

BMPS Season 1 Grand Finals Day 2 Overall Standings

bmps s1 finals day 2
Image via BGMI Esports

It was Global Esports who again claimed the first match of Day 2 same as the first day with the same number of kills. The team grabbed a 12-kill chicken dinner that was played on Erangel and they defeat Enigma Gaming in the final fight who had 12 kills.

bmps season 1 grand finals day 2
Image via BGMI Esports

Big Brother eSports secured the chicken dinner in the second match of the day with 7 kills. However, 7Sea Esports took the top position on the table with 16 finishes having eliminated at the #2 spot. OR Esports raked 18 points in this match while Global Esports and Soul have not got good points.

Team Soul attained the top position in the third match after their comeback in Sanhok, leading to their 8-kill chicken dinner. Kinetic was eliminated at the second position and they garnered a total of 19 points.

Vikendi has given a surprise to everyone in the fourth match and it is due to Hydra Official losing their chicken dinner to Enigma Gaming. Enigma Gaming had won the match with 4 finishes, however, Hydra emerged as table-toppers with 10 kills.

Global Esports had become the champions of the fifth match with 7 finishes and they beat Team Soul in the final fight to claim their win which had 8 finishes. Team XO accumulated a total of 15 points while OR and Enigma were eliminated early but managed to grab six kills each.

The last match of the day has gone well for a bottom team, Autobotz Esports won the match with 12 finishes and Akshat led Team Soul to the second position with 5 finishes. Nigma Galaxy had secured the third position with seven kills. OR got out from the match early but managed to grab seven finishes.