BGMI Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 Week 3 Day 11 Results are Out: OR Esports Leads the Table, Followed by XO

BMPS Season 1 Day 11 has come to an end with OR Esports is still having a massive lead of 81 points ahead of the second and third-placed teams of XO and Soul.


BMPS Season 1 League Stage Day 11 has concluded successfully where the audience got to see significant changes in the overall standings which is the basis for sending teams to the Grand Finals. OR Esports is still a way ahead of all the teams and is staying on the top with a huge lead.

OR Esports may not have to worry about playing passively and they can play freely as they are 81 points ahead of the second-placed Team XO, followed by Soul. With only 6 more rounds to go in the League stage, it will be very difficult and might be impossible for Soul and XO to snatch that top spot.

Teams that are ranked from 1 to 8 don’t have to worry about their qualification for the finals as they have pretty good points ahead of the 16th-positioned team. But those who are under 16 from the 9th position should keep an eagle eye on their position as there would be tough competition to grab a place under 16.

As teams in the danger zone are performing well, it would be intriguing to see what changes will take place at the standings table.

BMPS Season 1 League Stage Day 11 Overall Standings

bmps season 1 league stage week 3 day 11
image via BGMI Esports

The first match of the day was won by Marcos Gaming with a total of 9 finishes while eliminating Kinetic in the last fight who had 3 kills. R Esports also had 9 kills as well which secured the second spot in the leaderboards of this match.

bmps season 1 week 3 day 3
image via BGMI Esports

GOG Esports had a great match in the second round of the day in which they won the match with 8 finishes after eliminating Team INS and Enigma with 5 kills each. Team Soul got out from the round in the sixth circle but managed to grab their 10 kills.

bmps season 1 day 11
image via BGMI Esports

The third match of the day was won by Enigma Gaming with 6 finishes which were played on the fast-paced map, Sanhok. Autobotz secured second place on the list with 5 kills under their name whereas Global Esports took 8 and Big Brother took 7 kills respectively.

Global Esports played a brilliant knock in the fourth match which led them to claim the chicken dinner in the fourth round of the day with 13 total finishes. Team INS secured 8 kills but was eliminated early in the match.

Team Hyderabad Hydras had emerged as the champions of the fifth match by eliminating FS Esports in the last fight and ended up taking 12 kills. Team XO finished fourth but grabbed 9 kills while Marcos Gaming finished third with 3 kills.

Team XO is the winner of the final match of the third day in which they took a total of 7 kills while R Esports was eliminated in the blue zone with 6 frags. Esportswala took 9 kills in this match while RTR secured 7 finishes.

The time has come to witness the last day of the League Stage i.e., BMPS Season 1 Day 12 Week 3. Fans will know what teams will have the chance to lift the ultimate trophy of this first-ever pro series of BGMI along with the lions’ share of the prize pool. Catch the live broadcast of the event on the BGMI Official YouTube Channel and LOCO Channel as well as the IQOO Esports YT channel.