BGMI Rooter Invitational Series Champions are Nigma Galaxy

Nigma Galaxy has emerged as the champions of the BGMI Rooter Invitational Series. The top 16 teams have qualified for Pro Series LAN event.


BGMI Rooter Invitational Series has concluded after 6-day-long finals came to an end with Nigma Galaxy emerging as the champions of the event. The team has put up a consistent performance in the Grand Finals to lead the points table with a heavy margin and ultimately they crowned the championship.

Nigma Galaxy received Rs 6.5 Lakh Prize money and Apollo from Nigma Galaxy received the MVP title along with Rs 20000 as a reward. Chemin Esports were the runner-up of the event and received a prize reward of Rs 3.5 Lakhs. The top 16 teams from the Grand Finals Leaderboards have now qualified Rooter Pro Series LAN event.

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BGMI Rooter Invitational Series – Grand Finals Overall Summary

bgmi rooter invitational series
Image via Rooter

Rooter Invitational Series Group Stage has featured a total of 32 teams where each team got to play a total of 3 matches per day for four days. A set of 24 teams have been qualified for Finals from the Group Stage and Finals have witnessed a round-robin format among three divisions with eight teams each. The Finals were set to take place from 29 July to 5 August (6 days).

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Nigma Galaxy has accumulated a total of 415 points and secured 185 finishes to secure that top spot on the overall standings table. Chemin Esports secured the second spot with 390 points and they are followed by Revenge Esports & Skylightz Gaming with 364 and 360 points respectively.

Image via Rooter

OR Esports has taken a total of 6 chicken dinners in the competed total of 36 matches of this event. The team garnered a total of 326 points and 177 finishes but ended up in sixth place. Recently announced Sturdy Esports have secured the eighth place with 300 points while Entity Gaming managed to secure ninth place with 292 points.

TSM finishes in tenth place with 280 points while Orangutan and 7Sea Esports ended up taking twelfth and seventeenth places respectively. Godlike Esports did not fare well in this event as they ranked at the twentieth spot with 217 points. The top 16 teams have now made it to the Pro Series LAN and below are the teams that have earned a spot at the LAN event.

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Rooter Pro Series LAN Event – List of Qualified Teams

  • Nigma Galaxy
  • Chemin Esports
  • Revenge Esports
  • Skylightz Gaming
  • Velocity Gaming
  • OR Esports
  • Imprnt Esports
  • Sturdy Esports
  • Entity Gaming
  • TSM
  • Walkouts
  • Orangutan Gaming
  • Team Celtz
  • Insane Esports
  • Esportwala
  • Reckoning Esports

Prize Pool Distribution

The prize pool of Rs 15 lakhs is distributed among teams and players as follows:

  1. Nigma Galaxy – Rs 6.5 lakhs
  2. Chemin Esports – Rs 3.5 lakhs
  3. Revenge Esports Rs 1.5 lakhs
  4. Skylightz Gaming – Rs 50000
  5. Velocity Gaming – Rs 50000
  6. OR Esports – Rs 50000
  7. Imprnt Esports – Rs 50000
  8. Sturdy Esports – Rs 50000
  9. Entity Gaming – Rs 20000
  10. TSM – Rs 20000
  11. Walkouts – Rs 20000
  12. Orangutan Gaming – Rs 20000
  13. MVP – Apollo (Nigma Galaxy): Rs 20000

The LAN event schedule is yet to be announced. Recently BGMI got removed from Google Play Store and App Store abruptly which blocked the access for users to download the game officially. The app is reportedly banned by the Indian Government but it is still unclear whether it is just a ban or not. BGMI fans have been waiting for an official confirmation from Krafton and the Government as it is heavily expected that the game will be back since the game is running.